MUST WATCH: His 11-Yr-Old Daughter Inspired Him To Speak Out Against Vaccine Mandates...And When He Did, His Powerful Story About Being Fired From His Highly Specialized Job Went Viral

 Josh Watkins is a hero. He saves lives for a living.

He’s one of only about 4,000 perfusionists in America.

Perfusionists use specialized equipment to maintain a patient’s heart and lung functions during open-heart or related surgeries. They operate a cardiopulmonary bypass machine, which keeps the patient alive while their heart is being operated on.

Josh works in two hospitals: Shasta Regional Medical Center, where they are accepting all religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine with no questions asked, and Catholic Dignity Health Mercy Medical Center, a Catholic hospital, where they fired health care workers for refusing to take the COVID jab. According to Josh Watkins, Mercy Medical Center has been very selective in the approval of religious exemptions. Watkins told us some members who used the exact same wording in their application for religious exemptions were denied, while others were accepted.

Mercy Medical Center workers in Redding, CA, threatened their workers that they needed to be fully vaccinated by September 30, 2021, or they would lose their jobs. They warned employees to comply on their website.

Health care workers who only months ago were considered heroes are now being fired in mass numbers across the United States for refusing to comply with a COVID vaccination mandate being used by corporations and businesses with more than 100 employees to fire workers. The mandate is neither based on law or executive order; it is simply a mandate that is being used to steal the livelihood and careers of non-federal workers.

Workers at Mercy Medical Center who are against being forced to accept the COVID jab have been protesting for weeks. Last week, hundreds of health care workers in Redding, CA, took their fight to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, demanding they step in and fight back against what they consider an unconstitutional mandate. Unfortunately, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors responded to the large crowd of frustrated health care workers by simply not showing up for their scheduled meeting. Only district 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones showed up for the meeting. He opened the doors to the facility and allowed the public inside.

Once inside, hundreds of health care workers testified before Supervisor Jones. As testimonies were winding down, 11 -year-old Emma Watkins, who had accompanied her dad to several anti-vaccine mandates for health care workers rallies, told her dad that she wanted to get up and speak. Josh was nervous for her but decided that if she was brave enough to get up and speak in front of everyone, he would stand next to her and show his support. What happened next took everyone by surprise.


We spoke with Josh last week. He explained to us that Mercy Medical Center was trying to cancel the contracts of workers who refused to be vaccinated. When I asked Josh about his plans to support his family since he’ll only be able to work part-time at Shasta Regional Medical Center, he explained that he’s working on getting his contractor’s license so he can start building homes to supplement his income.

Before the tyranny of COVID lockdowns, Josh considered himself to be non-political. However, he told us he believes the tyrannical COVID mandates have actually brought people together and unified them to fight back and stand up for the common goal of freedom. “The irony is, the lockdowns, that were supposed to keep people away from each other, have had the opposite effect,” Josh said. “What they’ve done is they’ve brought people of all different political beliefs together.”

Josh applied to the Catholic hospital for a religious exemption but was denied. After his appearance in front of the Shasta Board of Supervisors that went viral, he received an email telling him to re-apply for religious exemption. He applied again, and again, he was denied—additionally, he was told not to enter the hospital again unless he’s a patient. A confused Josh Watkins told us, “They claim to be a Catholic hospital ‘serving God’, and that’s how they respond to religious exemptions?”

Josh told us, “Usually a medical exemption is a notification and not a request” and “they don’t have a legal right to judge sincerely held beliefs of their employees—as far as I understand the law, that’s 100% illegal.” A local health care worker who administers the COVID jab to health care workers told Josh that health care workers against getting the vaccination but are more afraid of losing their jobs “are coming in sobbing because they know it violates their soul.”

Watkins said he will continue to work part-time for the smaller Shasta Regional Medical Center where “They are accepting all religious exemptions with no questions.” He explained how the smaller community hospital is taking advantage of their overreaching neighbor, “They [Shasta Regional Medical Center] have been able to capitalize on Mercy’s decision to fire people over their mandate.”

Red White and Blueprint, a fantastic group supporting patriots in California, followed Josh and residents of Redding, CA, whose jobs were being threatened by Mercy Medical Center.

A part of the journey of Josh and his daughter Emma was filmed by Red White & Blueprint. Watch the incredible video that is Part 6 of a series of 8 videos showing how grassroots activists are fighting back against a tyrannical government. The video documents the efforts of everyday Americans to successfully get enough petition signatures to start the recall process of the supervisors who refused to listen to their concerns.

Josh told us that he could not stress enough the importance of family support by wives, husbands, and even children standing behind those fighting back against mandated vaccines. “We are not the minority; we are the majority by far.”

How many lives will be risked or even lost over the firing of tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of qualified health care professionals thanks to tyrannical vaccine mandates?

MUST WATCH: His 11-Yr-Old Daughter Inspired Him To Speak Out Against Vaccine Mandates...And When He Did, His Powerful Story About Being Fired From His Highly Specialized Job Went Viral MUST WATCH: His 11-Yr-Old Daughter Inspired Him To Speak Out Against Vaccine Mandates...And When He Did, His Powerful Story About Being Fired From His Highly Specialized Job Went Viral Reviewed by Your Destination on October 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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