McDonald's Worker Reveals What He Does When Someone Demands 'Fresh' Fries

 Fast food, by its very nature, is usually prepared and delivered in mere minutes, which means it's not cooked to order.

Sometimes you end up with cold and soggy fries, which pale in comparison to hot and crispy potatoes straight out the fryer.

Diners can request a fresh batch, but it seems it's up to the server's discretion as to whether or not you get the real deal.

One man, claiming to be a McDonald's worker, has revealed what he does whenever a customer demands fresh fries, and it's not making a new batch.

TikToker DeeBo, posting as @dresav92, shared a clip to his account from what appears to be a McDonald's kitchen.

"When you DEMAND fresh fries at McDonald's," he said in the on-screen captions of the clip. It shows him scooping pre-cooked fries and popping them back in the fryer for a few seconds.

The video ends there, but presumably he served up the now-hot fries to the diner who requested them.

DeeBo, who's thought to be in the U.S. seemingly clarified his stance, adding: "DEMANDING and ASKING are TWO different things." While his caption, which read "#Stop being rude," echoed that.

SonnyDaze reckoned: "Lol that's fine as long as they're hot."

Agreeing, JudeTheDudette wrote: "Literally as long as they aren't cold, tough, or soggy idc [I don't care] if that fixes them then I'm cool with that."

Tay asked: "Wouldn't making new fries be easier lol?"

Rik thought: "Nah this one's just petty. It would've taken the same amount of effort to make fresh ones."

But Bossofme64 raged: "Why should we even have to ask for fresh fries. If we, the customer, is paying for it, it should be a given. #dobetter."

And seemingly sharing a tried and tested method to get genuine fresh fries, Scarlette OCurvy commented: "Always ask for unsalted fries then they will be fresh and then you just salt them yourself plus add a little pepper. No thanks needed."

"If you want fresh fries, order them with no salt," Sean Curries added.

The footage, which can be seen here, was shared last week and has amassed more than 7 million views, and divided opinion.

On its website, McDonald's refers to its potato side as "world famous fries," which range from 110 calories for a child's portion, to 490 for a large.

Explaining more about how they're sourced, the site said they're "made with premium potatoes such as the Russet Burbank and the Shepody. With 0g of trans fat per labeled serving, these epic fries are crispy and golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside."

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