Fake Denmark Study and its reviews suggest if you already beat Covid naturally you STILL need clot shots

 In early 2020, from March to May, during the first surge of Covid, Denmark ran free-of-charge PCR tests on 70 percent of their population, about 4 million people, and used the warped data to craft estimates about SARS-CoV-2 repeat infection. Then, the researchers took statistics from those who tested positive the first round, in order to analyze their infection rates (and seriousness of cases) from the “second surge” of Covid-19 in Denmark, which took place during the final quarter of the year. From this Danish Microbiology Database analysis comes shocking information, but not really.

First off, the CDC and the FDA have both conceded that PCR tests are not as accurate as they want them to be, with increasing numbers of tests resulting in false-positives, while actual cases of Covid decline. This is very concerning, especially as related to the recent Denmark Study and analysis of its findings, since they used the same kind of testing. In fact, the FDA released guidelines for rapid antigen testing and acknowledged a “high likelihood of incorrect results,” and that healthcare professionals should “expect some” false-positive results to occur.

Governments around the world are questioning PCR testing efficacy and deeming the method unreliable, including in Portugal, with decisions pending in Switzerland, South Africa, Italy and Germany.

PCR testing used for Denmark Study served as faulty foundation for skewed statistics, all to discredit the power of natural immunity to Covid

That brings us back to the fake Denmark Study, where doctors are seeing symptoms that are “worse” with a second infection, but how many in their study never really had Covid, but just tested positive? It’s not “re-infection” if you never really had it to begin with. How many people never caught Covid, tested positive, and are now part of a study on reinfection? A million or more? So now the study could also easily be looking at 2 to 3 million people who never had Covid and the study claims natural immunity did not help them. It’s a lie weaved in and then fabricated from the PCR testing lie.

It doesn’t take an infectious disease epidemiologist at Columbia University’s School of Public Health to see how this study is skewed, twisted and contorted to fit a narrative (claiming natural immunity is worthless, basically).

USA Today pushes Lancet Study that relied on FAULTY PCR testing methods

The latest hit piece on natural remedies and natural immunity from infections comes from a twisted study that claims natural infections have never been able to “slow the spread” of a virus, nor could natural infection prevent the “recurrent waves of infection.” This is pure bunk. Here’s a quote from the reviews/conclusion drawn from the study: “There is no country in the world where natural infection and natural immunity has slowed the pace of the pandemic or helped to bring it under control.”

Over here, the CDC stopped collecting data of how many people get infected AFTER vaccination. There’s a two week window where they won’t blame the vaccination for any injury or death, yet the vaccine is deemed “ineffective” during the 1st two weeks after injection, so if anyone dies from the vaccine itself, then pharma blames Covid. In comes talk of taking “precautions” and the fake study is used to influence “vaccine hesitancy” back towards fear and compliance.

The latest claim is of some “growing body of research” that’s never cited or sourced in these articles, that somehow infection and vaccination provide “the strongest protection against a wide range of variants, possibly for a long time.” A wide-range of variants? Where do they come up with this stuff? There’s no study proving that. Key word there also being “possibly” which isn’t very scientific. Let’s see that study, they claim here. It’s nowhere to be found because it does NOT exist. Where are the people who caught Covid naturally, then got a vaccine, then tested positive for “better” immunity to Covid, thus proving this wildly concocted theory?

The irony of the whole study is that if you look deep enough, you find out they admitted that for young, healthy people, “an infection may provide 80% to 90% protection” against re-infection. Now that is some useful information coming from a pile of junk science. Common sense alone tells you that if you already beat Covid, you would definitely want to avoid the serious health risks associated with getting the Fauci clot shots, including prion diseases, blood clots and myocarditis.

Tune your truth news dial to Pandemic.news to stay informed of the engineered pitfalls of the Covid scamdemic. It doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to see that Covid vaccines, Remdesivir and ventilators are compounding the problems of the pandemic, creating a pandemic of their own.

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