“Don’t touch me”...Kyrsten Sinema Ambushed in Airport by Climate Activist [Video]

 A climate activist ambushed Senator Kyrsten Sinema at the airport, telling her it’s getting “hotter and hotter” in Arizona. There have been heat waves off and on in Arizona for years:

1968: Greatest number of consecutive days of 115 or higher at 4 days between June 19th-22nd.
1974: June 12th-29th becomes the longest streak of days reaching at least 110, coming in at 18 days.
1979: Year with the most days reaching at least 110 in history – 28 days in total.
1989: Year with the highest number of days over 100-degrees, coming in at 143 days.
1990: June 26th, 1990 is the hottest day in recorded Phoenix history, with official temperature reaching 122.
1993: Longest streak of days reaching at least 100-degrees in a row – a whopping 76 days from June 10th to August 24th.

This is the second time leftist activists have followed Senator Sinema in the DC airport. She was ignoring the woman but at one point said, “don’t touch me,” as the woman followed closely.

Senator Sinema has gone on record saying she wants to trim the $3.5 trillion boondoggle the Democrats want to pass. The social spending bill is full of freebies, including the Green New Deal. Climate activists are getting desperate and have been protesting for action on their climate plan. Yesterday, climate activists shut down New York City roads by chaining themselves together (see below).

Watch below as a climate activist harasses Senator Sinema. People’s Watch is instrumental in promoting the Build Back Better agenda.

Just this morning, activists in support of free community college confronted Senator Joe Manchin:

Moms were up bright and early fighting for #FreeCommunityCollege. C’mon Sen_JoeManchin— you hold the key to winning free community college.

New York City commuters were furious when climate goons blocked traffic so they couldn’t get to work. One angry man got out of his car and yelled at the climate protesters, who just looked at him with a blank stare. He ends up walking down the highway to get to work (video below).

Protests where these goons block the road are such a bad idea. They only make people angry.

They’re vowing to cause further disruption until Biden takes executive action to fulfill his climate pledge to cut U.S. emissions in half by 2030.

Furious people just trying to get to work yelled at the protesters:

One guy just walked down the highway to get to work:

Eventually, the goons were arrested:

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