BREAKING: WI Judge Rules Prosecutor Is Not Allowed To Call Rioters, Looters and Arsonists In Kyle Rittenhouse Case “Victims” [GRAPHIC VIDEOS]

 Americans were horrified, as they watched videos of the rioting, looting, and arson that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the peak of the BLM riots in August 2020.

Riots broke out in the midwest town of Kenosha two days after a white Kenosha police officer shot a black male, Jacob Blake, during a domestic violence call,

On August 26, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, IL, who traveled to Kenosha to volunteer to help the community that was ravaged by the domestic terror group, found himself in a life-threatening situation during yet another night of violent BLM rioting in Kenosha, WI, that allegedly lead to him shooting 3 and killing two.

***Warning***Videos are graphic.

BLM terrorists were given free rein to destroy the private property of local business owners in Kenosha. Only moments before the shooting took place, video footage captured the incredible damage that was done to the vehicles on the property of the Kenosha car dealership.

Rittenhouse was armed while protecting the local car dealership when a Molotov cocktail was allegedly thrown into the business.

Rittenhouse allegedly shot at the rioter and the bullet hit him in the head.

After the shooting, was chased down the street by a mob of angry rioters. Rittenhouse was attacked and fell to the ground when he started shooting the attackers. The man that was shot in the arm was carrying a Glock in his hand, as seen in graphic photos after the shooting. Another rioter assaulted the armed man with a skateboard to the head.

Rittenhouse opened fire on the rioters attacking him:

Elijah Schaffer spoke with the frightened teen following the violent confrontation.

Schaffer tweeted a video of Rittenhouse along with his thoughts on the shooting: I spoke with the alleged shooter earlier in the night who stated he was there to protect property He did not make racist comments, condemn #BLM, or mention political motivations for his actions He said that he was there to protect property & was carrying a firearm

The Rittenhouse case begins next week, and already, a WI judge is warning the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case that he is prohibited from referring to the 3 wounded men as “victims.”

Now, it’s being reported by Fox News that a Wisconsin judge has laid out the final ground rules on what evidence will be allowed when Kyle Rittenhouse goes on trial next week for shooting three people, two fatally, during a protest last year, ruling that he will prohibit both sides from using certain words to describe the wounded individuals, according to reports.

Rittenhouse is charged with homicide and other crimes in the fatal shootings of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz.

On Monday, Judge Bruce Schroeder ruled that Rittenhouse’s defense team is permitted to describe the three wounded men as “rioters,” “looters” or arsonists, The Associated Press reported. In doing so, he was denying a request from Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger and said those terms would be allowed if the defense can produce evidence showing that’s what they were.

Prosecutors, however, will not be allowed to refer to the three wounded men as “victims,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

“The word victim is a loaded, loaded word,” Schroeder reportedly said.

One week after the incident took place, President Trump was asked by the media if he planned to condemn the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse. President Trump explained that he wasn’t sure what happened, adding, that the incident was currently under investigation. “He was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like,” he added.

He continued, “And he fell, and then, they very violently attacked him,” adding, “I guess he was in very big trouble. He probably would have been killed. But, it’s under investigation.”

Rittenhouse has been charged with intentional homicide and reckless homicide. His lawyers say he was acting in self-defense.

The reporter shot back, “Do you think private citizens should be taking guns…”

BREAKING: WI Judge Rules Prosecutor Is Not Allowed To Call Rioters, Looters and Arsonists In Kyle Rittenhouse Case “Victims” [GRAPHIC VIDEOS] BREAKING: WI Judge Rules Prosecutor Is Not Allowed To Call Rioters, Looters and Arsonists In Kyle Rittenhouse Case “Victims” [GRAPHIC VIDEOS] Reviewed by Your Destination on October 27, 2021 Rating: 5

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