Big Pharma now targeting the mentally ill with clot shots that WORSEN mental illness – nation’s leading mental health advocacy organizations applaud the abuse

 Already knowing that Covid vaccines can worsen mental illnesses like schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder, nearly all major mental health advocacy organizations are literally applauding the CDC’s new target for clot shots – the mentally ill. Top executives from more than a dozen leading national organizations are all aboard for chasing down the mentally ill and injecting them with more neurotoxins (billions of virus-mimicking spike protein nanoparticles), that are known to cause/exacerbate psychosis, myocarditis, blood clots and other deadly “side effects” and adverse events.

Supposedly, if you’re already suffering from depression or schizophrenia, you are at higher risk for contracting a SEVERE case of Covid-19, yet there is absolutely zero science, research or clinical trials to back that up at all.

It sounds much more like eugenics, like when Hitler first wanted to execute, in the name of the “greater good,” the senile elderly, the mentally ill and all autistic children. Except in Hitler’s case, he used toxic gas instead of toxic jabs (slow kill method, usually).

National Institutes of Health (NIH) well aware that severe mental illnesses are EXACERBATED by increased inflammation, including the Covid clot shots

Most severe mental illnesses (SMI), including bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia, are all directly associated with inflammation based on controlled trials and studies that show dietary interventions improve symptoms, and nutrient-deficient processed food intake contributes to heightened, systemic inflammation. The study was published by NIH and describes in great detail how inflammation drives mental illness to the brink, so why on earth is the vaccine industry and the CDC targeting the mentally ill? There’s only one logical answer: population reduction.

The Covid vaccines either inject billions of blood-clogging prions into the human bloodstream (J&J) or they genetically trick your cells into producing billions of toxic particles in the vascular system and never stop producing them (mRNA from Pfizer or Moderna).

Severe inflammation is widely evident when looking at the statistics already from clot shot victims suffering sudden NEW life-threatening conditions, like going blind, deaf or suffering myocarditis, and most of these cases of myocarditis are in healthy people (think military and teenagers), and the cases are not mild, according to doctors.

CDC targets mentally ill with vaccines that INCREASE depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

The real mental illness “factor” began skyrocketing when everyone was required to wear suffocating masks everywhere they go. The Covid masks restrict breathing while breeding bacteria, thus limiting the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the body and brain while increasing the likelihood of catching a bad case of Covid. Then the pandemic machine poured it on, using lockdowns, social distancing and antibacterial everything to further damage natural immunity, then came vaccines. Next comes boosters. The more prions that clog the blood, the worse inflammation skyrockets, and the more lethal the mental illnesses become. Is this the CDC’s plan?

Did you know that schizophrenia is the second greatest risk factor for death by Covid-19, trailing only age? Only a “modest effort” to coerce mentally ill people into vaccination is necessary, according to the vaccine industry and their shills, making them easy targets for extermination by toxic jabs.

This doesn’t sound like suicide prevention at all, now does it?  It’s called “target outreach” as a disguise campaign name. Here’s the “target outreach” short list of the biggest 16 organizations supporting chasing down the mentally ill and coercing them into getting toxic inoculations that exacerbate their current mental health conditions:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
American Psychological Association
American Psychiatric Association 

Mental Health America
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Association for Behavioral Healthcare
National Council for Mental Wellbeing
One Mind
Partner for Mental Health
Peg’s Foundation
Steinberg Institute
Treatment Advocacy Center
Well Being Trust
The Kennedy Forum
Massachusetts Association for Mental Health
Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute 

Big Pharma now targeting the mentally ill with clot shots that WORSEN mental illness – nation’s leading mental health advocacy organizations applaud the abuse Big Pharma now targeting the mentally ill with clot shots that WORSEN mental illness – nation’s leading mental health advocacy organizations applaud the abuse Reviewed by Your Destination on October 29, 2021 Rating: 5

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