A Day of Reckoning Is Coming In Michigan As Patriots Have Been Working Behind The Scenes To Uncover Election Fraud


Election Fraud Investigation Hesitancy in Michigan

The subject of vaccine hesitancy is all over the news.  Government agencies and Big Pharma stew and fret over how to address it and demolish it.  The WHO has declared it one of the top threats to global health.  But there is another type of hesitancy that is of paramount importance to the health and well-being of our nation, and it is election fraud investigation hesitancy.  It is particularly a problem that plagues Republican legislators and establishment party members.

What part of “election security” do they not understand?  The legacy media spout the notion that the 2020 election was the most secure in history.  In fact, it was the least secure election.

In a soon to be released, explosive inside report on the events that occurred at the TCF Center in Detroit during the 2020 election, author Phil O’Halloran explores in gritty detail the egregious violations of state election laws and statutes in Michigan, major security breaches, illegalities, intimidation, and verbal as well as physical abuse of GOP challengers.  O’Halloran was present at the TCF Center and was an eyewitness to what occurred.  This report will be forthcoming from Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (MC4EI.com).

The response from the Republican Michigan legislators who dominate the state House and Senate has been tepid at best and AWOL at worst.  Michigan grassroots conservative patriots have sadly experienced the death of outrage in their beloved state.  Where is the exhilarating “tear down this wall” moment of statesmanlike speechmaking à la President Reagan?  How about the “this will not stand” salvo from George H.W. Bush to Saddam Hussein?  Nowhere to be found.

Instead, we have Republican legislators who try to explain away the TCF debacle by saying that both sides (McBroom Report, see p. 13) threw temper tantrums and so nothing can be taken seriously.  You know, kids will be kids!  Child psychologists understand that this phrase as giving a kid a “get out of jail free card” with no responsibility or consequences.  And that is exactly what Michigan Republican legislators handed over to the Democrat poll workers and election officials at the TCF Center on election day.

The vast majority of Republican legislators do not see the necessity of a forensic audit in Michigan.  They hide behind NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) they have signed pertaining to any evidence they may have seen from the TCF Center in Detroit.  They don’t put any muscle into utilizing their subpoena power to demand information from Detroit election officials such as video surveillance films of drop boxes, courtesy of Zuck Bucks.  They ignore the abundance of affidavits filed by GOP poll challengers, all attesting to the same violations of law and fraudulent activities.  They sidestep invites to conservative Republican rallies at the state capitol to demand action.  They put up their fingers in the wind to see which way the audit wave is blowing in the hopes that it won’t blow their way!

Mainstream media say the Arizona audit proves that Biden won.  It did no such thing, but the blind media only saw the “hand recount” part of the elephant and ran with it.  Michigan legislators’ response was, “Whew, no fraud tsunami coming our way!”  Just a tempest in a teapot.

The Republican-founded Lincoln Project led a national effort to harass lawyers who represented Republicans or the Trump campaign.  Two Republican Michigan Board of Canvasser officials attempted to rescind their certifications of the election result after being subject to harassment, intimidation and doxxing.  Any lawyer who wanted to come to their aid in defense had to think twice.  Threats were directed against them and their families. Meanwhile, a deafening silence emanated from Michigan legislators, who are supposed to have ultimate jurisdiction over elections.

It has been said that Republicans eat their young, while Democrats abort their young.  For Republicans to ignore or deny the claims of their own party members of illegalities does not bode well for the health of their party going forward.  Democrats, too, have their own problems, with election-rigging and fraudulent practices in their ranks.

Ultimately, everyone suffers when we do not have a bipartisan commitment to the rule of law.

The issue goes deeper than just election-related matters.  We no longer have a society that believes in what has been termed “obedience to the unenforceable.”  Clay Christensen, former Harvard business professor, discussed this in a compelling video on religious freedom.  If we do not have a society of citizens willing to stand up for what is right without being cajoled to do so, we will never have enough lawyers, police, or judges to deal with the adverse consequences.

So, somewhere in a cemetery in Detroit, Mr. Moral Outrage lies entombed, where no one comes to visit or lay flowers.  Case closed, as far as mainstream Republicans and Democrats are concerned.  But a day of reckoning will yet unfold as conservative patriots in the state of Michigan bravely carry on in their quest for truth and justice.  In the prescient words of Ben Franklin, “justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

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