Kristi Noem Faces Backlash From Conservatives Over Tweet About Employer Vaccine Mandates

 South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem faced backlash over the weekend after she essentially told residents of her state that if they did not want to be mandated by their employer to take a vaccine, they could find another job in the state.

“Workers whose employers are mandating a vaccine for continued employment have the power to say no,” Noem wrote on Twitter. “Our robust economy and job market gives them the option to find a new employer that values personal choice and responsibility, and doesn’t force mandates on their employees.”

Noem’s tweet comes after she faced scorn from conservatives over the way that she handled protecting girls from having to compete against biological males in sports. Noem also angered many conservatives over a shot that she seemingly took at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis last month during CPAC.

The following are some of the responses Noem received over her tweet:

  • Joe Sneve, reporter: “Don’t like your employer’s vaccine rules? Noem says: Find a new job.”
  • Jesse Kelly, media personality: “1. Red states must use their power to shield people from The System. As we’ve lost every other cultural institution, states are quite literally ALL we have left to protect us. 2. Kristi Noem has the political instincts of a gerbil.”
  • Harmeet Dhillon, attorney: “The state also has the power to make vaccination status a protected employment category. That would be the bold move.”
  • Mike Cernovich, media personality: “You’re a coward and failure. Grifters who are awestruck by z-list ‘talent’ will tell you otherwise. You are a joke.”
  • Ryan Williams, Claremont Institute: “Another disappointing Noem cave.”
  • Ezra Levant, publisher of Rebel News: “That’s your advice? Who’s the lobbyist in your ear this time?”
  • Jessie Jane Duff, political commentator: “@GovRonDeSantis is decisive for his state and ignores the left’s attacks. Kristi is trying to have it both ways and placate everyone so she becomes a political Gumby. Her attitude people can just find a new job is obtuse. Kristi is having her Marrie Antoinette moment.”
  • Will Chamberlain: “You’re the Governor of your state. If you don’t intend to protect your citizens, resign, and let someone else do the job.”
  • Steve Deace, political commentator: “Noem has now failed two major tests — protecting femininity from Rainbow Jihad and protecting workers from corporate fascism. What do these two issues have in common? She sided with business interests over individual freedoms. True liberty opposes tyranny regardless of sector.”
  • John Cardillo, political commentator: “We dodged a massive bullet with Kristi Noem. Thankfully she outed herself as another Chamber of Commerce cuck early enough in the game.”

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