CNN Runs From Pete Santilli – Possible ANTIFA Infiltrators Have Conradson REMOVED From CYBER SYMPOSIUM


Pete Santilli (left) Jordan Conradson (right)

As we previously reported, The Cyber Symposium was infiltrated.

Colonel Waldron: In addition, the Red Team started receiving credible threats about two weeks ago… We detected disruptors inside trying to have people ejected. really radical folks outside trying to penetrate. We got folks exchanging badges in the parking lot, press badges. We’ve identified those agitators and provocateurs by photo imagery, validated by their social media platforms… The big end game is to discredit all of the legislators who are here to listen… They are obviously trying to ruin the message that Mike is trying to get out. So this is typical insurrection activities. This is part of the Color Revolution.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson was a target of these infiltrators. The moment he walked in and set up on day one, these “members of the press” immediately filmed Conradson using his computer.

Later, he and The Great Pete Santilli and OANN’s veteran reporter Brian Williams questioned the CNN crew.

In the video below Conradson asks these “reporters” what they are doing here and if they are here to cover the event, or harass and make fun of election integrity. Conradson also asked if they consider themselves an unbiased news network.

All they would say is we are covering the event.

They were actually covering the attendees as Pete Santilli pointed out in his video.

The CNN crew told Pete that they had three hours of coverage, yet according to Pete, their camera was never pointed to the stage to actually cover the speakers.

CNN and other leftist networks were filming every individual at the event and they were even sneaking up to record private cellphone and laptop use which Colonel Waldron also acknowledged and referred to as “shoulder surfing”.

This had been noticed the days prior by Conradson and almost all other attendees.

Are they providing this information to the FBI?

Why weren’t their cameras pointed at the “conspiracy theories that are threatening Democracy”? That would be a HUGE story if true. But It’s not.

Pete Santilli mentions that CNN is now part of the story because they have led the way in lying to the American people and facilitating this cover-up.

On day two of the Cyber Symposium, Conradson noticed suspicious behavior from masked and double-masked “journalists” which he later learned were identified through facial recognition to be affiliated in some way with past ANTIFA gatherings.

Conradson had heard some rumors surrounding the following individuals but this was a day before Col. Waldron confirmed them on stage.

A woman wearing two masks was wandering around the enclosed diner where Conradson and other individuals were working or chatting. She then parked behind Conradson and started spying on him.

She was on her phone and Conradson believed she was taking pictures or recording conversations. The woman left the room after he became suspicious of her.

Shortly after, a single masker walked in and did the same thing that she did but he left after Conradson noticed him.

Conradson followed this guy back to his workstation and began reporting from behind them, as they did to him. Conradson was on thin ice because CNN reported him the day before so he did not confront them directly.

He was confronted by the single masker, who later reported him for “harassment and yelling”.

In the clip below, he notices Conradson, quickly closes his laptop, then stands up and begins speaking to Conradson.

“Reporter”: Are you reporting something here?

Conradson: Yeah. Are you?

“Reporter”: No I’m not.

Conradson: What are you reporting?

“Reporter”: I just said I’m not reporting anything

Conradson: What are you doing here?

“Reporter”: My job.

Conradson: Are you not a reporter?

“Reporter”: You’re with The Gateway Pundit arent you?

Conradson: Are you not a reporter?

“Reporter”: Aren’t you like 19? Aren’t you still in high school?

GConradson: Good one dude. What about you, you lie to the people. why do you do that?

“Reporter”: *chuckles nervously and adjusts mask*

Conradson: your company calls us conspiracy theorists. what are you doing here?

“Reporter”: You guys are conspiracy theorists.

Conradson: No. Your Company calls us conspiracy theorists. What are you doing here? Are you here to make fun of us?

“Reporter”: Dude, you guys fall for like fake ANIFA hoaxes all the time. Let Jim know I said hi.

Strange, a “reporter” who isn’t reporting on anything but instead, doing his job? Why did he try to say ANTIFA was a conspiracy theory? Why did he even bring up ANTIFA in the first place? Now we know.

After this confrontation, the infiltrator ran to get security and report Conradson for yelling and harassing, which was clearly a total lie.

Who are these people paid by to spy on attendees and journalists at events? Who are they feeding this information to?

This led to Conradson’s removal from the event because the CNN “reporters” had reported him for “being violent” the previous day.

They were doing this intentionally in order to suppress the truth and spy on everybody involved.

Conradson was let in with an apology the next day when it was discovered that these people were potentially paid disruptors.

They were not reporting on the Symposium. They were there for other purposes.

We faced cyberattacks, infiltrators, threats, data attacks, and even a possible physical attack in Mike Lindell’s case.

There are some very bad people who do not want us to know what really happened last November.

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