ABC News under fire for their mocking fantasy of President Donald Trump’s future funeral

ABC News is under fire for remarks their on-camera commentators made about President Donald Trump's future funeral.

The remarks were made during the livestream Wednesday of former President George H. W. Bush's funeral.

What was said?

While covering Bush's funeral, some of the ABC hosts couldn't resist taking a few swings at Trump, and began to imagine what the current president imagined his own future funeral would look like.

ABC correspondent Terry Moran said that Trump's very election was a "repudiation of much of what George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush stood for, because the people who voted him wanted that repudiation."

Moran added that Trump, as much as his election, "is an expression of the will of the people," and is vastly different than any of the Bushes."

ABC News correspondent Devin Dwyer then began discussing Trump allegedly thinking about his own funeral proceedings.

"And perhaps a recognition, in terms of his involvement in the proceedings by President Trump, that he someday will be getting a similar treatment when he passes as a former president of the United States," Dwyer said.

Moran responded that there will "probably [be] a different tone in that funeral."
"First he's going to choreograph it," Moran explained. "So, there might be more trumpets and fanfare."

"Yes, he would do it bigger, one would imagine," Dwyer joked in response.
Moran concluded by appearing to mock the president outright with a play on the president's own vernacular.

"It will be the best presidential funeral ever. No one will ever have seen anything like that funeral," Moran added.

You can listen to the exchange here.

What else?

Dan Gainor, who is vice president of the Media Research Center, told Fox News that he isn't surprised that journalists will even use the death of a fellow president to attack Trump, but noted that he found it "despicable garbage" to mock Trump during Bush's funeral.

"To mock [Trump] during the coverage of the president's funeral is just despicable garbage," Gainor said. "I would say ABC News should apologize, but it wouldn't be sincere if it did.

"This," he added, "is about the billionth example of unprofessional journalism in their attacks on Trump. It's only more outrageous because of the solemn occasion."
Tim Young, a political comedian, also spoke to the outlet, who said that the correspondents' remarks only showed further liberal bias and divide.

"It's in bad taste to joke about any of our current leader's future passing," Young told Fox News. "But what this highlights again is the media outrage double standard where you can say basically anything you want about a Republican and get away with it."

Young also went out to point out how disgusted people would be if ABC News had mocked former President Barack Obama's future funeral rather than that of Trump.
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