'Slit the dog's throat!' 911 dispatcher's harrowing instructions to mother as her one-year-old was mauled to death by their pet pit bull (4 Pics)

Triniti Harrell, one, died in hospital a week after being mauled to death by her family's pit bull in North Carolina. 

This is the harrowing moment a 911 operator told a screaming mum to slit her pitbull's throat as the dog mauled her baby daughter to death in their front yard.
In the distressing audio recording, the US dispatcher can be heard telling a distraught Miranda Harrell to run into her home and grab a weapon like a steak knife.
After the mother replies that she can't leave her one-year-old daughter, Triniti, alone, he adds: "It will take you 30 seconds to run in the house and grab it."
Moments later, after Miranda gets hold of a knife, the dispatcher says: "Grab him by one ear and cut along the bottom of his neck. He's going to let go.
"It's going to release his jaw muscles."
Heartbreakingly, the mum cries back: "This knife is too dull.

"Please get somebody now!"
The dog believed to have committed the attack - Kilo 

In response, the operator tells her emergency crews are racing to the scene in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, "as fast as they can get there".
Little Triniti died in hospital just days after the attack - which was reportedly only stopped when an Edgecombe County deputy shot dead the pitbull.
Authorities say the youngster had been playing outside with her mother when the six-year-old pet began 'thrashing' her around, WRAL.com reports.
Desperate to save her daughter's life, Miranda called 911. In the audio recording of the call, the mum can be heard screaming: "Help me, she's dying."

The operator then asks her: "Can you get hold of anything - a pot, pan, shovel, anything you've got around your house? Hit him with it."
Triniti's mother Miranda Harrell was who called 911. She is pictured with the child's father, Mike Gurganus 
This is the family's home in Rocky Mount, North Carolina 

He tells her to whack the dog "right in the centre of the top of his head", adding: "If you hit him hard enough, you'll knock him out."
Devastatingly, Miranda yells back: "He won't stop!"
The operator continues: "Find something and hit him with it."
The mum responds: "I'm hitting him as hard as I can."
She then screams a long cry of desperation: "Help me!"
In a last-ditch bid to save Triniti, the dispatcher instructs Miranda to dash into her home and grab a knife, according to Inside Edition.
She protests about leaving her daughter alone and asks him again for help, but he orders her: "I need you to go find a knife immediately."
The mother replies: "OK."
After grabbing a knife, she is then told to slit the bottom of her pet's neck.
The dispatcher tells her the animal "won't have a choice but to let go".
However, despite her efforts to cut her dog, Miranda finds the blade "too dull".
As she pleads again for help, the operator tells her he needs her to do "anything" she can do with the weapon to make the pet let go.
"The dog's life is not a concern to me at this point," he says.
The recording then comes to an end.
Triniti was rushed to hospital after the horrific attack on Monday, October 22.
Despite the efforts of medics at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill - and other hospitals - to save her life, she passed away just days later.
Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson confirmed her mother had tried to stab the pitbull before a deputy shot it dead at the scene.
It is thought that the deputy - who was off-duty at the time - was forced to discharge his gun twice to stop the deadly attack.
Speaking to WRAL News after the tragedy, Miranda said: "I did all I could."
Sheriff Atkinson said: "It's just one of those incidents.
"They were playing, having a good time, and the dog reacted at some point."
Triniti was laid to rest earlier this week.
An online obituary says she was surrounded by her loved ones when she died.
She is survived by her mum, dad Michael Gurganus and brother, Brayden Hall.

'Slit the dog's throat!' 911 dispatcher's harrowing instructions to mother as her one-year-old was mauled to death by their pet pit bull (4 Pics) 'Slit the dog's throat!' 911 dispatcher's harrowing instructions to mother as her one-year-old was mauled to death by their pet pit bull (4 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on November 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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