'My career is over... nobody takes me seriously': NYPD cop who had PANTIES stuffed in his mouth by a female sergeant says he is now the precinct 'pariah' and the department allowed him to be 'humiliated' (2 Pics)

Detective Victor Falcon (middle) filed a complaint against Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra of Brooklyn's 72 Precinct accusing her of shoving underwear into his mouth. Since his complaint he said he's become the 'pariah of the precinct' and is known as 'panty-eater'
Following the complaint Guerra was moved to a Manhattan precinct. Falcon claims that's he's been abused by Guerra 'on almost a daily basis' for five years and the panty incident on October 7 was the last straw

He’s NYPD through.
The Brooklyn detective who says his salty sergeant shoved her panties in his mouth hasn’t been back to work since the Oct. 7 incident, and that he is now an outcast.
“I’m the pariah of the precinct and the NYPD,” Detective Victor Falcon told The Post in an exclusive interview. “My career is over.
“Nobody will ever take me seriously … I’m known as the panty-eater. To do my job is impossible,” he said.
He blames department brass and internal investigators for initially ignoring his complaint about his boss, and then leaking embarrassing details to the press, according to a new federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint he filed Oct. 24.
“The Department allowed me to be humiliated and that’s what I intend on proving” in court, he told The Post.
Falcon, 35, assigned to the 72nd Precinct detective squad in Sunset Park for five years, said he was subjected to abuse “on almost a daily basis” by Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, 38.
The complaint, which names the city, the NYPD and the Detectives’ Endowment Association union, alleges discrimination based on sex/gender, assault and battery, sexual harassment, hostile work environment and ongoing retaliation.
Last month, the heterosexual Falcon said he mentioned to colleagues that a man in one of his cases had asked him out on a date, prompting Guerra to quip, “There’s nothing wrong with taking it in the a– because my husband does.” Later “the running joke was I should sleep with him for bagels,” an unamused Falcon said.
In 2017, Falcon said he was telling co-workers that he had started dating someone when Guerra snarked, “If she doesn’t call you back it’s because you’ve got a little d–k!”
Guerra has not commented on the allegations, but the sergeants union and her husband Joe have defended her.
“My poor wife comes home and cries at night,” the husband said.
Falcon complained to a lieutenant and captain about Guerra’s “sexually inappropriate comments” but instead of Guerra getting disciplined, she and Sgt. Johnny Wong targeted him for retaliation, he claimed.
They allegedly shot down his requests for shift changes so that he could make court custody hearings about his autistic daughter; refused to authorize his overtime and delayed his OT payments; and refused his request to transfer.
Falcon filed a complaint on Oct. 10 with the NYPD’s internal Equal Employment Opportunity office, but officials never called him in for an interview and “closed the file” within 15 hours, the new complaint alleges.
It was only after the panty-gate made headlines 12 days later that the office bothered to investigate, the document says.
Meanwhile, a raunchy photo of Falcon — dressed as a flasher exposing a prop penis at a department Halloween party, flanked by Guerra — was leaked, Falcon believes, in an “attempt to publicly shame and discredit” him.
Falcon told The Post the costume was a reference to the “little d–k” joke and an attempt to “defuse the tension” in the office.
It was “a poor choice … and I don’t deny that,” he said.
The Oct. 7 panty raid happened inside the squadroom as Falcon and Guerra talked with DEA union rep Detective Donna Marie Mazza and Detective Ioannis Kyrkos.
“We were basically shooting the breeze and the conversation turned to hygiene,” Falcon said. He told Guerra, “You got panties in the locker room and panties in the shower.”
She then walked into the bathroom and angrily grabbed a “dark and lacy” thong, he said.
“I was talking and she put it in my face and started rubbing it in my mouth,” Falcon claimed.
“I was a deer in the headlights. I kept hearing her say, ‘They’re f–king clean.’”
The detectives were stunned. “We all looked at each other,” Falcon recalled. “Mazza said, ‘What the f-ck did she just do,’ and Kyrkos said, ‘That was disgusting.’”
Falcon, who started at the precinct as a uniformed patrolman in 2005 before his 2013 promotion to detective, said he used to get along with his fellow cops. But those colleagues have now turned on him. “According to the culture, you don’t rat,” he said.
Falcon said he has been “cordial” with Guerra during their almost 10 years together at the 72nd. “Like hi and bye,” he said. Reports that they were good friends were “an absolute lie,” he said.
When the NYPD officially opened a probe into the incident, Guerra was transferred to Midtown’s 17th Precinct Oct. 24. Falcon says she’s been calling the reassignment a promotion and celebrating it.
On Oct. 26, during a group chat he was part of, someone sent a meme of a beaming Will Smith with the words, “How Brooklyn cops act when they arrive for a detail in Manhattan.”
“That’s going to be me every day,” Guerra texted back.
Wong texted, “LOL.”
“You can see the audacity,” Falcon fumed. “That was not a punishment. … it’s a prestigious command.”
Said Falcon’s attorney, Paul Liggieri: “The NYPD espouses courtesy, professionalism, respect but afforded my client the exact opposite.”
Wong declined comment. Guerra did not return messages.
Meanwhile, Falcon, who has been using up his vacation days, said, “It absolutely feels like I’m in the middle of the ocean all by myself.
“In a world where we are looking for gender equality, I was abused for my gender,” he continued. “Picture a male doing that to a female. He wouldn’t have a job anymore.”
'My career is over... nobody takes me seriously': NYPD cop who had PANTIES stuffed in his mouth by a female sergeant says he is now the precinct 'pariah' and the department allowed him to be 'humiliated' (2 Pics) 'My career is over... nobody takes me seriously': NYPD cop who had PANTIES stuffed in his mouth by a female sergeant says he is now the precinct 'pariah' and the department allowed him to be 'humiliated' (2 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on November 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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