Tim Scott: Biden ‘Complicit’ In Terror Attacks Due To His ‘Weakness,’ ‘Negotiations’ With Iran

 Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) doubled down over the weekend on his recent remarks that President Joe Biden had blood on his hands with respect to the terrorist attacks in Israel two weeks ago after he agreed to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets.

Scott made the remarks during an interview with ABC News’s “This Week” with co-host Jonathan Karl on Sunday while discussing the U.S. posture in the region and Biden’s recent Oval Office speech where he called for a large spending package for Ukraine and Israel.

The presidential candidate said he thought that it was important to place blame for the attacks on where it belongs: Iran.

“We need to send the clearest message that if we see the death of more Americans, that that is on the shoulders, frankly, and in the hands of Iran,” he said. “We need to deal with Hamas and Hezbollah by giving Israel the resources, the equipment. They already have the manpower. They’ve called up 360,000 troops. But fighting a war on two different borders is going to be something we should keep our eyes on. And we should send the message to Hezbollah, stand down or there will be consequences.”

When asked about the combined aid package Biden was calling for, Scott said he would not support it in its current form and that the U.S. Congress should seek just to assist Israel since it has already done a lot for Ukraine. He also called for tying border security to the package.

“Most importantly, I’d say, there is the southern border that must be addressed in the middle of this,” he said. “One of the challenges that we’ve seen on our southern border are people coming from actually Iran, from Yemen, from Syria. Thousands of people have crossed our southern border, and on both sides of the aisle. The one thing we can agree upon is that the national security threat, represented by an unsafe, insecure, and wide open border, has never been higher than it is today.”

He was later asked about his comments that Biden had blood on his hands and whether he regretted those remarks.

“I don’t, actually. I’m a happy warrior, without any question. But we are now in the midst of a conflict, and so the warrior in me requires responsibility to start at the top,” he said. “When you think about the fact that the weakness of Joe Biden attracts conflict around this world, and frankly, the negotiations with Iran is — was specifically I was talking about. Six billion dollars for hostages only creates a bigger market for Americans abroad.”

“That money, we know Hamas’s first thank you was to Iran. Ninety percent of their money comes from Iran,” he said, later adding: “There’s no doubt that when you have President Biden negotiating with the Iranians for the release of hostages — I said this under President Obama as well. When the — when we paid $400 million for hostages, you are creating a market for — for American lives to be lost. When you pay $6 billion, do not be surprised when the result of that $6 billion leads to more conflict in the Middle East. And we’ve seen more than 30 Americans lose their lives.”

“I’m saying with great clarity that weakness from the American president, plus the negotiations, leading to terrorist attacks by negotiating with the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world,” he concluded. “Yes, it creates complicity.”


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