Mace Previews Next Stage In Biden Impeachment Inquiry After First Hearing

 House investigators plan to call “firsthand witnesses and whistleblowers” in future hearings in the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, a Republican congresswoman said on Sunday.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), a member of the House Oversight Committee, teased the next step in the probe during an appearance on Fox News days after her panel held the first hearing last week that examined the “basis” for the impeachment inquiry on allegations of corruption.

“The first day of the inquiry was just to have experts in tax law [and] constitutional investigations to show a baseline of what is legal and what is illegal behavior,” Mace told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo. “In the future, in our next hearings, we will have firsthand witnesses and whistleblowers coming through to show that direct evidence.”

They were discussing what evidence lawmakers have gathered so far. Bartiromo posited that Democrats, in criticizing the impeachment inquiry, “keep saying that there’s no direct line of money going directly to Joe Biden.”

Mace contended that congressional investigators “know” that Biden’s son Hunter “complained that half of his salary went to his father. And we know that he only got these deals from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania because of his father, because of his relationship and selling that access to Joe Biden.”

But, when Bartiromo pressed Mace on whether lawmakers have been able to identify “specific policy decisions” made by Biden in exchange for payments, Mace conceded there is still work to be done.


“I have not had the ability to research that,” Mace said. “I have been looking more at the LLCs, the bank records, all of the lies that Joe Biden has told, and what evidence we have so far in meetings, dinners, appointments, White House records, et cetera, phone messages, text messages, e-mails, et cetera, connecting the dots with Joe Biden.”

At the end of the first impeachment hearing last week, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced that he was subpoenaing the bank records of Biden’s son Hunter, brother James, and their affiliated companies.

“We have to connect the dots with the financial records, and then show what policy decisions were made,” Mace emphasized.

Bartiromo said “it feels like the evidence at this point is overwhelming” and asked Mace how much more time is needed to impeach Biden.

“Well, I’m a due process person. I want to hear from every witness, every whistleblower,” Mace replied. “I really want to hear from the bookkeeper, Maria, and what — how these records were hidden, how the money was laundered, and how Joe Biden got paid.”

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