Israel Releases Footage Of Large Number Of Tanks Entering, Operating Inside Gaza

 The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage Saturday morning of a large number of tanks and other heavily armored vehicles that entered northern Gaza overnight.

The Times of Israel reported the the tanks, foot soldiers, and engineering units were all still on the ground inside Gaza as of Saturday morning local time — the longest such incursion of the current military campaign that began earlier this month after Hamas terrorists massacred more than 1,400 Israelis.

Israel conducted two other ground missions inside Gaza this week that were more limited in their overall size, scope, and duration.

Israel is reportedly set to allow “significantly more humanitarian aid to enter the southern Gaza Strip from Egypt” after unleashing unbridled fury at terrorist targets throughout the area following two weeks worth of warnings for civilians to evacuate.

Israel believes that the surge in food, water, and other necessary supplies in southern Gaza will further incentivize people to leave northern Gaza, where the military is currently operating.

This latest ground incursion into northern Gaza came after the IDF pounded Hamas’ underground tunnel network overnight, striking 150 sites and eliminating multiple high-level officials.

Hamas uses the tunnels to facilitate meetings and movement throughout Gaza while being undetected. Hamas also stores weapons, ammunition, and other military supplies in the tunnels. The terrorists used hardwired landlines in the tunnels two years ago that they used to organization the October 7 attacks which allowed them to communicate without being intercepted by Israeli intelligence.

“During the attack, terrorists of the terrorist organization Hamas were eliminated and combat tunnels, underground combat spaces and other underground terrorist infrastructures were destroyed,” the IDF said in a statement.


The IDF also killed numerous high value targets during the strikes, including the terrorist who was responsible for overseeing Hamas’ aerial assets.

“Overnight, IDF fighter jets struck Asem Abu Rakaba, the Head of Hamas’ Aerial Array,” the IDF said in a a statement. “Abu Rakaba was responsible for Hamas’ UAVs, drones, paragliders, aerial detection and defense. He took part in planning the October 7 massacre and commanded the terrorists who infiltrated Israel on paragliders and was responsible for the drone attacks on IDF posts.”

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