Target MISSES EARNINGS for first time in six years due to boycotts over perverted LGBT Pride displays

 Thanks to rising inflation, a collapsing economy, and of course the company's disturbing decision this year to push absolutely disgusting LGBT Pride wear on underage children, American retailer Target missed earnings this week for the first time in six years.

Former Target customers who are boycotting the retailer and choosing to shop elsewhere, including at Walmart, are reportedly taking a growing chunk out of Target's business, reports indicate – and we expect more blood in the streets for other such retailers that decide to join Target in pushing such perversion.

Target CEO Brian Cornell is blaming "macro pressures including inflation for tempering sales," though he did also give a nod to "negative guest reaction to our Pride collection."

Interestingly, the last time Target's corporate sales were negative was when the retailer decided to publicly announce that men are now allowed to use the women's restroom at its stores, and vice versa.

At that time, Target tried to claim that the resulting consumer backlash and boycott from that poor business decision "weren't material enough to report," but "this time they are calling it out" concerning the 2023 LGBT Pride display fiasco – watch the CNBC clip below for more:


Will Target eventually go the way of Bud Light?

Technically speaking, Target missed an arbitrary number this past quarter, with operating income still up 51 percent for the first six months of 2023 compared to the same time in 2022 when the world was still coming out of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "pandemic."

Compared to 2022, net earnings at Target were still up 39 percent. And while sales were down 4.9 percent, COGS (cost of goods sold), or the direct costs of producing the goods sold by Target, was down 11.6 percent, suggesting that Target still managed its margins rather well.

Still, Target appears to be going the way of Bud Light, in many ways, in that Americans are sick and tired of LGBT Pride being pushed on them every time they attempt to shop and put food on the table.

LGBT Pride is not nearly as popular and supported as the establishment would have us all believe it is. Despite their best efforts to normalize gender and sexuality perversion, there is a growing backlash among customers who say they have had enough of all the wickedness.

"I wonder when they will start offering walk-in castrations at the pharmacy?" one person joked on X (formerly known as Twitter) about how Target may, at some point in the future, decide to offer transgender mutilation services for children right inside its stores.

"They don't care about their customers, only their ESG score," wrote another about how Target is one of the many globalist-controlled corporate entities dominating the U.S. market that is more focused on far-left equity, social, and governance issues than it is with providing affordable, high-quality products to its customers.

"It's more to do with weak customers," suggested another about how Target and many other retailers are suffering from a litany of economic problems that are all converging into a perfect storm for the country.

"No discretionary income, credit cards now being used for essentials. My Target has nearly everything marked down right now. They can't manage inventory."

Target MISSES EARNINGS for first time in six years due to boycotts over perverted LGBT Pride displays Target MISSES EARNINGS for first time in six years due to boycotts over perverted LGBT Pride displays Reviewed by Your Destination on August 21, 2023 Rating: 5

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