Independent journalist Andy Ngo awarded $300k in damages from brutal attack by transgender Antifa thugs

 Three Antifa thugs who attacked independent journalist Andy Ngo have been ordered by a court to pay him $300,000 in damages.

This is the amount that Ngo requested after suffering from a brutal attack that resulted in a brain bleed. The incident took place in 2019, when the three parties involved provoked a mob to attack Ngo while he was reporting on a protest by Rose City Antifa in downtown Portland.

Ngo has gained prominence for his extensive coverage of Antifa. As the editor for the news outlet The Post Millennial, he has gone undercover on multiple occasions to infiltrate their ranks so that he can inform the world about their dangerous tactics. He also wrote the book Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Plan To Destroy Democracy.

He said that he was inspired to expose what was happening after being discouraged by incomplete and biased reporting on the political violence that took place in Portland by the mainstream media.

The judge found the three defendants, Corbyn (Katherine) Belyea, Madison "Denny" Lee Allen and Joseph Evans (whose current legal name is Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy) liable for battery, assault and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. All three identify as transgender.

Schott-Deputy was one of the first to strike him, which only incited further violence. Belyea threw containers of liquid known as "milkshakes" at Ngo that contained a type of quick-drying concrete. Scott-Deputy was also part of a group that threw projectiles at Ngo, in addition to kicking and punching him. Ngo was also hit in the head with wooden signs and “carbon-hardened tactical gloves.” His attorney submitted footage of the attack to the court.

As a result of his injuries, Ngo was hospitalized with a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, which has left him with lasting brain injuries. He has also had to undergo cognitive therapy and physical therapy and is dealing with post-traumatic stress that is affecting his ability to work as a ground reporter.

The three parties involved were all ordered to pay $100,000 each. The case was won by default because the three defendants failed to show up in court, and the judge decided to give Ngo the full amount he requested.

Ngo acknowledges that it may not be easy to collect the funds he has been awarded, but he does consider the ruling a victory. Writing on X, he said: "While it will continue to be a steep uphill battle to collect today's awarded damages given the default defendants' history of evasion, I remain determined to hold Antifa and its members accountable for their violent attacks."

Ngo has long been a target of Antifa

It has been a long road for Ngo, who has been targeted by Antifa for several years. The group has publicized personal and private information about Ngo as well as his family, and he had to get security at his home after attempted break-ins by Antifa members. The situation has become so dangerous that he has since relocated overseas. The group has now started harassing his mother, turning up at her house and workplace on several occasions.

The ruling was a vindication for Ngo following a disappointing outcome in a civil jury trial earlier this month in which jurors found a different pair of Antifa defendants not liable for damages. Although there was considerable evidence against the defendants in that case and an admission of guilt by one of them, jurors had voiced concerned about being doxxed and reported that people were trying to uncover their identities during the trial.

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