Hawaii Health Department tells child-grooming “therapists” to hide LGBTQ identity from parents

 taff members and graduate students attending the University of Hawaii are no longer allowed to document the "LGBTQ+" status of the youth with whom they work because the youths' parents could find out about their transgender or non-binary status.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request produced a training presentation called "Affirming practice with LGBTQ+ youth" that outlines the new policy. These materials were given to staff and graduate students at the school's Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy on May 5 by members of the Hawaii Department of Health's (DoH) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division's Safe Spaces Committee.

"Be careful about what you document – parents may be able to access the information," one of the slides in the presentation states.

"It should ALWAYS be the LGBTQ+ person's decision to whom and when they disclose their orientation or identity. Being LGBTQ+ is not a safety risk, but being out could be," the same slide stated, further reminding viewers that they must "be aware of Hawaii's age of consent for mental health services law for youth 14 and older."


"Cisgender" is an offensive term for normal people – don't let hateful LGBTs call you that

Another slide in the presentation depicts a fat, confrontational-looking LGBTQ+ female with a man's crew cut. This one is entitled "Terminology, Acronyms," and it includes terms like "linguistic humility, LGBTQIA+, SGM, SOGIE, transgender, cisgender, non-binary, and queer."

When asked about the presentation, Kimberly Allen, chair of the University of Hawaii's Safe Spaces Committee, told Fox News the following:

"When we say, 'Be careful about what you document,' we convey that clinicians, when deciding what words to use in documentation, should carefully consider the youth's individual situation and any harm that may arise from writing about a youth's identity in the medical record."

"If a youth is not 'Out' to their parents but discloses their identity to their therapist, the therapist could inadvertently inform the parents if they document this information in the medical record and if the parent requests a copy of that record," Allen added.

In accordance with Hawaii's minor consent law, "youths 14 years of age or older" are allowed to "consent to outpatient mental health services without the consent, knowledge or participation of their parents or legal guardians, upon consultation and agreement of their licensed therapist."

Other slides in the presentation warn young LGBTs that they may, in fact, be surrounded by people in their lives who oppose the aggressive pro-LGBT stance the state of Hawaii takes in supporting without question gender "transitions" and other such perversions.

"Realize that even though we live in a more liberal and affirming state, individuals' experiences will be impacted by those around them who may be rejecting (family members, peers, school personnel, religious leaders, politicians)," the presentation states.

As to the various types of "prejudice" that an LGBT in Hawaii may encounter, the DoH lists the following:

  • heterosexism
  • cissexism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • toxic masculinity
  • microaggressions
  • micro-invalidations
  • micro-insults
  • micro-assaults

The presentation concludes with links to the DoH's "LGBTQ Safe Spaces" website, which includes a number of videos endorsing males playing on female sports teams. There is also a directory of "gender-affirming" health care providers included, as well as information and guides about hormone-based "gender transition."

According to its website, the Safe Spaces Committee exists to "create and maintain an LGBTQ+ affirming system of mental health care for youth, that advances inclusive practice, urges accepting attitudes, operationalizes diversity, and provides education to the larger community."

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