While America embraces LGBT drag queens and pedophilia, Russia to BAN sex change surgery

 You will not find any drag queen story hour events at Russian libraries or "gender-affirming care" curriculum being pushed on children in Russian public schools because, unlike the United States and the West, Russia is vehemently opposed to allowing LGBT perversion to spread within its borders.

Yet another new piece of legislation has been introduced in Russia to ban so-called "sex change" operations, as well as prohibit changing genders on identity cards, as part of a nationwide effort to maintain "traditional values" in Russian society.

The bill has already received initial approval in the lower house of parliament last month and is now slated for a second reading of three. If passed, the new law will only allow sex-related surgical operations to treat actual intersex "congenital physiological anomalies" in children, and only with approval from a special medical commission or public health care institution.

"We are preserving Russia for posterity, with its cultural and family values, traditional foundations, and putting up a barrier to the penetration of Western anti-family ideology," said deputy chairman of the lower house Pyotr Tolstoy, following the approval after the first reading.


The West is in rapid moral decay while Russia is rising to embrace morality and traditional family values

The Western media is furious about this and other such legislation. Reuters, for instance, blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin for targeting LGBT perversion, claiming that he "seeks to portray [LGBT] as evidence of moral decay in Western countries."

If Reuters thinks this is some kind of slam at Putin, the fake news outlet is woefully out of touch with normal Americans who agree that LGBT perversion is a scourge on the American landscape and one that needs to be rooted out if the country has any chance at survival.

Last December, Putin signed another law restricting the dissemination of "propaganda of non-traditional sexual rations and pedophilia." Anyone cause "spreading any information that is considered an attempt to promote homosexuality in public, online, or in films, books or advertising" now faces heavy fines as punishment.

Just this week, a trans activist was arrested for treason in Russia for committing "treason," according to the government.

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said the transgender was arrested on suspicion of financing the Ukrainian military, which sounds about right since Ukraine is much more closely aligned with the U.S. than with Russia when it comes to morality and traditional family values.

While the FSB did not identify the transgender by name, the agency did describe her as "an LGBT movement activist who previously changed his gender identity from a woman to a man."

The transgender in question is said to be the first LGBT in Russia to face treason charges after she made a wire transfer to a Ukrainian bank "to provide financial assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

The Western media is, of course, accusing Russia of "homophobia" and "transphobia" over the arrest and charges. Nobody is actually "afraid" of LGBTs, though, as these two denigrating terms suggest. People who oppose the LGBT agenda are not afraid of it so much as they are opposed to it and want it rooted out of popular culture.

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