Chris Christie Responds To Trump Mocking His Weight

 Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responded this week to attacks made by former President Donald Trump on his weight, saying that the former president is not a “Greek god” himself.

Christie made the remarks during a Tuesday interview with sports analyst Stephen Smith on “The Stephen A. Smith Show” when asked about different memes that Trump or his allies have made attacking Christie’s weight.

“As you know, there are tens of millions of Americans out there who struggle each and every day with their weight. And I’m one of them,” Christie said. “And I’ve been on all kinds of diets. I’ve had surgery and I’ve done much better than I did when I was governor. I lost a lot of weight when I was governor and I’ve kept most of that weight off, but I still have a lot more to go. I just look at him and think what a child, how small he is to be doing things like that.”

“Maybe he should look in the mirror, cause this guy ain’t Arnold Schwarzenegger,” he continued. “Okay. I’ve seen some of those pictures of him golfing. He doesn’t look like a Greek god to me.”

Christie said that he is not too offended by Trump’s comments but noted that Trump is alienating potential voters.

“What he is doing by doing that is making other Americans who are suffering from this, feel even more self-conscious than they do already,” Christie said. “I think it’s one of the last areas of physical discrimination that’s acceptable, socially acceptable in this country.”

“If you had a child or a grandchild who was overweight, would you want Donald Trump saying those things about them?” he concluded. “What about you, yourself? Is this the kind of character we want sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.”


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