Biden regime promises to SUE any state that tries to stop southern border invasion

 Instead of fighting illegal immigration and trying to protect Americans from the southern invasion, the illicit Biden regime is going after Texas and other states that are attempting to take matters into their own hands.

For trying to seal up its own borders and protect its residents, the Lone Star State could be the subject of a lawsuit if the Biden regime's threats hold weight. Texas officials want to stop the Biden regime from turning Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) into an enabling operation for coyotes to continue trafficking in women, children, and fighting-age men.

One of the things Texas is doing that the Biden regime wants to stop is the installation of floating barriers on the Rio Grande River, the purpose of which is to stop illegal invaders from swimming across from Mexico into Texas.

Biden's Department of Justice (DoJ) threatened officials in Texas with a lawsuit unless those barriers are removed immediately. Two Justice Department lawyers – Todd Kim, an assistant attorney general, and Jaime Esparza, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas – wrote the following in a letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, as well as the state's interim attorney general:

"Texas's unauthorized construction of the floating barrier is a prima facie violation of the Rivers and Harbors Act. This floating barrier poses a risk to navigation, as well as public safety, in the Rio Grande River, and it presents humanitarian concerns."


Biden regime wants America's southern border to be wide open to invaders

The Biden regime's other excuse for wanting the floating barriers removed claims the devices are interfering with Border Patrol's efforts to patrol the river and process "migrants" who successfully reach U.S. soil after crossing.

"Governor Abbott's dangerous and unlawful actions are undermining our effective border enforcement plan and making it hard for CBP to do their jobs of securing the border," said White House spokesperson Abdullah Hasan in a statement.

Yes, you read that correctly: Someone named Abdullah Hasan is lecturing the state of Texas about immigration enforcement best practices.

The Biden regime is also going after Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, over his state's construction of a barrier made of double-stacked shipping containers along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to Biden's people, the containers, located in Arizona's San Rafael Valley, exist in areas where they are an operational and environmental concern. Their construction also constitutes "trespassing on federal lands," the complaint adds.

"In installing shipping containers on National Forest System lands, Arizona has widened roads and cleared lands for staging areas ... cut down or removed scores of trees, clogged drainages, and degraded the habitat of species listed under the Endangered Species Act," a lawsuit in that state reads.

Amazingly, the Biden regime could not care less about the environmental damage being caused by the illegal invaders who are trampling across private farm land while destroying crops with their defecation and urination.

"The Biden administration did not care about the so-called environmental damage," writes Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, in a piece for FrontPage Magazine.

"If it had, the mass migration of invaders would be doing far more damage. Similarly, the illegitimate regime does not care about the navigability of the Rio Grande. The mass crossing of illegal alien invaders poses far more of a threat to navigation than floating barriers ... The Biden administration is ruthlessly fighting any efforts to stop the illegal invasion because it wants the invasion to go on."

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