FBI says it doesn’t care what anyone thinks: it will do whatever it wants, regardless of the law (or the truth)

 The crimes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with regard to the Russian collusion conspiracy theory against President Donald Trump have been laid bare for the world to see. And the FBI’s response to being outed is one of we don’t care; we will do whatever we want and there is nothing anybody else can do about it.

The recently released Durham report paints a dark and sinister portrait of who and what the FBI really is behind closed doors. The agency did not just make a “blunder” in the way it handled the Russian collusion conspiracy theory; we now know for certain – though it was abundantly obvious from the start – that the FBI intentionally set out to destroy Trump and his associates, including General Michael Flynn.

“The FBI took unto itself the power to decide who could be President,” reported Zero Hedge, comparing the FBI’s egregious actions to those of the late Julius Caesar when he defied the rules and crossed the Rubicon River into Rome, which within a single generation led to the end of that republic.

The fate of the American republic is staged for a similar end. And the FBI is leading the charge by depriving a lawfully elected president of his seat while facilitating a coup that installed a fake president and his regime instead.

“The whole nation can see that the FBI acted in violation of law and every tradition we have had since the inception of the republic,” the Hedge further noted.

“The FBI has responded with remarkable clarity. It did nothing wrong. It does not care what Durham (or countless whistleblowers) say(s). It does not care what Congress thinks. It will do as it pleases. 

The FBI hates Americans and their Constitution, which is supposed to protect them from the likes of the FBI in the first place

In her recent testimony before Congress, Suzanne Turner, the FBI’s Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, revealed, when asked about the Durham report, that her agency went astray in staging what would become a coup against Trump.

Turner also made a powerful admission about the fact that she never even bothered to read the report, nor had she ever even been briefed on it.

Congress pressed her again and again about it, even asking for someone else from the FBI to answer for her if she was, for whatever reason, incapable of delivering the truth. To this, Turner was seen dripping contempt, to quote one media source, with every word and mannerism she did express.

“The concerns of the people’s elected representatives were clearly of no interest whatsoever to her,” the Hedge reported about Turner’s openly and flagrantly blatant hatred for the American people and the United States Constitution that was meant to protect them from the likes of her.

Right now, the House Oversight Committee is in the process of probing fake president Joe Biden and his unlawful regime. Its members are investigating the Biden Crime Family’s taking of money from foreign interests, including communist China, in exchange for policy decisions.

By the looks of it, Congress already knows that Biden is working on behalf not of the American people, but Beijing and likely other foreign entities. As part of this investigation, the House has demanded from the FBI copies of reports that allegedly reveal it as a knowledgeable co-conspirator in such treason.

FBI says it doesn’t care what anyone thinks: it will do whatever it wants, regardless of the law (or the truth) FBI says it doesn’t care what anyone thinks: it will do whatever it wants, regardless of the law (or the truth) Reviewed by Your Destination on May 26, 2023 Rating: 5

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