‘South Park’ Rips Harry And Meghan Fake ‘Privacy’ Tour, Scores New Fans Across The Pond

 South Park” has just picked up another nation full of fans with its brutal takedown of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their apparent thirst for attention even while demanding “priva-sah.”

The latest “South Park” episode is titled, “The World-Wide Privacy Tour” and features “the Prince of Canada and his wife,” who were clearly modeled after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

During the episode, the Canadian prince and his wife — who look similar to Harry and Markle — go on a worldwide “we want our privacy” tour following a book tour for his tell-all memoir “Waaaagh,” The Daily Mail reported. The cover of the memoir looks similar to that of Harry’s real-life memoir “Spare.” The Markle look-alike then decides the only escape is to move to the small mountain town of South Park, which upsets residents.

The many thinly-veiled swipes at the Sussexes and their constant attacks on the monarchy seems to have earned the animated show new fans in the United Kingdom, with the latest episode being one of the top trending items across the pond.

One person tweeted that the show “makes fun of Harry and Meghan. As usual, they get it, spot on.”

“Amazing right?” another added. “Here’s the one South Park got Spot. On!!  And… Look, it’s trending in the UK too.”

A headline in the UK Mirror reads, “South Park fans hail ‘pure gold’ episode as producers rip into Prince Harry and Meghan.”

“The #southpark episode of Harry and Meghan is pure effing gold,” one wrote.

Another added, “New #SouthPark is awesome so far!!! They are definitely ripping on Harry and Meghan.”

While another wrote, “South Park has seriously nailed Meghan Markle & Prince Harry. #SouthPark.”

Entertainment Tonight Canada noted that the show mocking the royals brought back some fans and earned the show new ones.

Twitter user Canellelabelle wrote, “I have never ever heard of this show till now but THIS is hilarious! They summed up exactly how we all see this annoying duo.”

Another praised the creators/writers of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, “Yo [SouthPark] has the best writers in the game by far!”

While another shared, “Big thanks to South Park creating this for us. We deserve a big laugh after all the things they’ve done. This is the best thing [to] ever happen since the Oprah [interview].”

‘South Park’ Rips Harry And Meghan Fake ‘Privacy’ Tour, Scores New Fans Across The Pond ‘South Park’ Rips Harry And Meghan Fake ‘Privacy’ Tour, Scores New Fans Across The Pond Reviewed by Your Destination on February 18, 2023 Rating: 5

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