American Girl book goes woke, claims doctors 'assign' sex at birth, pushes puberty blockers for 'trans or nonbinary' minors

 Another company considered part of traditional and wholesome Americana may have fallen prey to woke ideology. American Girl, which has sold millions of books and dolls to American girls for nearly 40 years, has now released a book that teaches girls that they may not, in fact, be girls after all.

The same company that released stories about various young heroines learning lessons, celebrating birthdays, saving the day, and then undergoing "changes" has now released a new "guide" to teach girls to embrace their bodies and their natural beauty — unless they occasionally feel "uncomfortable" with their bodies, in which case they should consider taking "medicine to delay" the natural puberty process or indulge whims "to change the way [they] look" entirely.

The new book, "A Smart Girl's Guide: Body Image," presents many of the standard talking points offered to girls and young women these days. It promotes various forms of exercise, discusses historical shifts in beauty standards, claims that "racism" still determines "who appears" in media and entertainment, and encourages those with disabilities not to let such disabilities prevent them from participating in fun and interesting activities.  

However, the book also presents a section entitled "Gender Joy." In that section, the book lies to young readers and teaches that doctors "assign" a baby's gender based on "body parts," implying that the association between gender and sex organs is either slightly arbitrary or perhaps even misleading. 

The section also takes pains to define woke terms like cisgendertransgender, and nonbinary. Though the book is pitched to young girls between the ages of 3 and 12, it claims in this section that some girls in that age range already "know for sure" that they are "trans or nonbinary." The book recommends that such girls alter their clothing and adopt new pronouns to fit some internal gender hidden behind their physical femininity. The book even encourages some of these young girls to consult a "doctor" who might prescribe puberty blockers — euphemistically referred to in the book as "medicine" — to delay puberty so that they can continue to wrestle with their so-called "gender identity."

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this section, though, is the implication that young girls should distrust loving parents or grandparents who reject the concept of gender identity.

"If you don't have an adult you can trust [regarding your gender identity]," the book says, "there are organizations across the country that can help you." It then directs girls to a list of preferred organizations on another page.

Though the book does not explain exactly how such organizations can help, some parents have expressed fears that these organizations might usurp their authority and help minor girls receive gender medical "treatment" without their consent.

The book's obvious leftist slant should come as no surprise. For one thing, Mattel, which owns American Girl, began selling a "transgender" Barbie doll earlier this year. Additionally, the book's author, Mel Hammond, manifests many of the hallmarks of woke activism. She has pink hair in her bio pic, aims to improve "diversity in the children’s publishing industry," claims to cohabitate with a "partner," and lists her preferred pronouns in her LinkedIn profile.

"Besides books, her favorite things are trees, rainbows, and dairy-free ice cream," Hammond's bio states.

The 2022 American Girl of the Year is Corinne Tan, the first Chinese American doll to earn the distinction. She supposedly lives with a blended family in Colorado and, as might be expected, fights against racism and xenophobia.

American Girl book goes woke, claims doctors 'assign' sex at birth, pushes puberty blockers for 'trans or nonbinary' minors American Girl book goes woke, claims doctors 'assign' sex at birth, pushes puberty blockers for 'trans or nonbinary' minors Reviewed by Your Destination on December 08, 2022 Rating: 5

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