Nationwide Manhunt Underway For Mother Whose Son Was Found Dead In Suitcase

 Police are searching for an Atlanta mother whose son was found dead in a suitcase earlier this year in rural Indiana.

The mother, 37-year-old Dejaune Ludie Anderson, posted on social media that her son was a “demonic child” while referencing exorcism, CBS 12 reported. Her son, Cairo Jordan, was just five years old.

Investigators found Cairo’s body stuffed in a Las Vegas-themed hard shell suitcase on a dead-end road in rural Indiana in April, but it wasn’t until mid-October when they identified the body. Police also said the child died from an “electrolyte imbalance,” probably due to a stomach bug.

After identifying the child, Indiana State Police issued arrest warrants for Anderson, charging her with murder, child neglect of a dependent resulting in death, and obstruction of justice.

Police also arrested 40-year-old Dawn Elaine Coleman in connection to Cairo’s death. She faces charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in death and obstruction of justice as well.

Police said search warrants were issued for Anderson and Coleman’s social media accounts, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. On December 5, 2021, Anderson sent Facebook messages referencing her son. In one of these messages, she wrote: “I offer/ Reversal spell/ Protection spell/ Activating your DNA/ Exorcism/ Hex/Curse.” A month later, Coleman posted, “I’m using my blood for this ritual.”

On February 19, 2022, Anderson again mentioned “exorcism,” saying she had to “heal Gaia to exorcism a very powerful demonic force from within my son,” according to Fox 5.

Several weeks later, on March 12, Anderson was arrested in South Carolina for driving 92 mph in a 60 mph zone. Coleman and a five-year-old child, who Anderson identified as her son, were also in the car and were sent to a hotel when Anderson was booked into jail. Fox 5 reports that three days later, Anderson posted about a “full grown demon in the child body.”

“Stop getting caught up in the vessels of this realm. You guys get caught up with how old the body is, if they adult and kids, etc. Don’t even know it’s a full grown demon in the child body telling you what to do because you didn’t choose your soul. Better start using your 3rd eye,” she posted, according to Fox 5.

A few days later, she again posted about an “exorcism” and a “demonic child,” court documents show.

Anderson was arrested again on March 31 for allegedly attempting to steal clothes and punching a security guard in the face.

In April, Coleman posted about demonic children, telling followers to “check to see if the children that you think are children actually have souls or if they’re not menevolent [sic] beings with a soul and in a child Avatar,” Fox 5 reported. A few days later, she made a similar comment on social media.

On April 12, Anderson tweeted at Indiana Catholic priest Vincent Lampert asking for help dealing with her child.

“good day sir. I need to speak with you urgently. I have survived the death attacks from my 5-year-old throughout the 5 years he has been alive. I have been able to weaken his powers through our blood. I have his real name and he is 100 years old. Need assistance,” she tweeted, court documents show.

Police were able to determine using cell phone evidence that Anderson and Coleman were in the area where Cairo’s body was found on April 14. The next day, Anderson once again posted about a “demon in a child body,” according to court documents.

On April 16, Cairo’s body was found in a suitcase.

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