Steve Bannon Swatted at DC Home for Second Time

 War Room host Steve Bannon was swatted Thursday night with D.C. police responding to a hoax call of a shooting at his Capitol Hill home at 7:17 p.m. Fox News reported police found no evidence of a shooting.

This is the second swatting of Bannon’s home this summer with the first taking place July 8 while he on air at the nearby War Room studio.

The Daily Mail reported an ambulance and firetruck also responded to Bannon’s home Thursday night (excerpt):

The million dollar DC home of former Donald Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon was swatted Thursday for the second time in two months.


Police in the nation’s capital confirmed to that cops were called to the home…at 7:17 pm local time.

According to the cops, after further investigation it was confirmed that no shots were fired and that there was no active threat. There were no injuries as a result of the swatting.

In addition to the police, fire and ambulances were also dispatched to the residence.

Fellow MAGA Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was recently swatted three times at her Georgia home.

Republican nominated Supreme Court justices have targeted by mobs at their homes for months with Justice Kavanaugh having a gunman show up at his home in June intent on killing the justice and his family.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is inciting attacks on MAGA Republicans with speeches calling them a threat to democracy.

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