You Looking at Me? Aussie Nightclub Bans Staring ‘Without Verbal Consent’

 Call the woke police. A nightclub in Sydney, Australia, has banned patrons from staring at each other unless the person gazing on another has been granted specific, prior verbal consent.

Failure to comply can result in ejection from the newly declared “safe space” and local law enforcement being called.

The venue has also discouraged people visiting if their “sole purpose” was to meet someone to “pick up.”

Club 77 is in the very heart of Australia’s biggest city and used staring as an example of an action that would be in contravention of its new safety and harassment policy.

The policy was made public earlier this month in an Instagram post with the club adding “safety officers” in pink vests would patrol the venue to strictly enforce the no-staring mandate.

Club 77 said it had updated its rules because it had recently, “attracted some people who do not share our values and ethics when it comes to club culture.”

Club co-owner Dan Gorrel told the local Daily Telegraph newspaper no one had been ejected from the club for staring as of yet, but he wanted to lay the health and safety ground rules in a public forum to ensure everyone felt welcome.

“Someone could stare at someone and make them feel uncomfortable, they could be staring at them for quite some time. People want to go out, they want to feel safe, they don’t want people chasing after them, the response to it has been extremely positive.”

No specific example has been given as yet as to what constitutes an unwanted stare as opposed to one clubber trying to innocently make eye contact with another.

It was suggested that simply if the person being glanced at took offence, the clubber looking in their direction could be kicked out.

The club has attracted both widespread praise and criticism for its strong stance.

“Thank you for looking after your peoples,” one reveller posted, while another added: “Wow love the idea of a safety officer!”

But not everyone is a fan.

“So extreme! Everyone look on the floor now! Omg where is the world going! Pathetic really,” one woman commented on the Instagram post.

“The stupidity of these rules will guarantee that the only patrons to attend this club will be the snowflake generation. Good luck with that,” another follower wrote.

Patrons at a nightclub in inner city Sydney, Australia, have been warned not to stare at a fellow patron unless permission has been previously granted. Club “safety officers” in pink vests will enforce the rule. (Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

“I’ve ran nightclubs for years, this is a senseless approach,” said a former nightclub manager.

“Kicked out for looking at someone. So what if the safety officer looks at me, is he getting kicked out?” a third asked.

Another disagreed: “This is not extreme it is responsible. Good on 77 for calling out that kind of behaviour and creating a safe space for all.”

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