HALF of Germany’s 2022 harvest expected to fail due to drought

  In parts of Germany, drought conditions are so dire that farmers expect to lose up to half of all their crops come fall.

The Germany state of Baden-Württemberg has been particularly hard hit, not only by lack of rain but also by lack of energy and fertilizer. (Related: The Rhine River is now so low that goods are not making their way through this critical supply route.)

As usual, it is Vladimir Putin’s fault, we are told, because Germany would be a utopian paradise by now had the Russian president avoided invading Ukraine and upsetting the deep state’s operations there.

By the time autumn arrives, upwards of 50 percent of Germany’s maize (corn), sugar beet, potato and soybean crops could fail, which would be devastating for both the country and its export recipients.

“If there is no heavy rainfall in the near future, we expect considerable harvest losses of up to 50 per cent for almost all crops,” says state farmer president Joachim Rukwied.

As grasses dry up, cattle farmers are having to feed them scarce winter supplies of feed

It is not just crop farmers that are suffering, but also cattle farmers. Under normal conditions, livestock across Germany would be eating grasses during this time of year, but because of the drought, grasses everywhere are dying.

As a result, farmers are having to feed their livestock grains that are meant to be kept for the winter, depleting already scarce supplies due to ongoing supply chain issues.

Since many of the feed grains Germany relies upon come from either Ukraine or Russia, the war and the West’s sanctions against Russia are making it increasingly difficult for Germany and other European countries to procure what they need.

When farmers are able to get the fertilizer products they need to keep things going as best as possible, they are having to pay an exorbitant premium for it due to inflation, which is another global issue that shows no signs of relenting any time soon.

Because much of Europe went “green,” there is no more ability for it to produce its own energy or its own fertilizers. These utterly stupid green policies will be the undoing of Germany and all others that followed in its footsteps.

“The European Union – having been obsessed with expanding the capacity of so-called green energy over fossil fuels – is now struggling to source this gas for the purpose of heating the homes of the general public, let alone for the production of fertilisers, leaving many farmers in the lurch,” explains Breitbart News‘ Peter Caddle.

“While the use of less efficient alternatives such as manure is now being considered by many across the EU, for farmers in Germany the crisis may ultimately be the least of their problems as they head into what looks like will be a cold winter of gas shortages, during which many may be unable to afford to heat their homes.”

Germans are beginning to see the writing on the wall with all this as their government drops more hints about what is soon to come for the failed nation-state. By the time winter arrives, there will be no more power, no more heat, and eventually no more food.

This is sure to result in widespread civil unrest as the German people come to the realization that they were betrayed and sold out by their politicians. It turns out that the same is true right here in America as well – and soon everyone will know it.

“How are the Germans going to feed all those refugees?” asked a Breitbart commenter half-jokingly. “Refugees are not going to like this – it may turn nasty quickly.”

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