Whack Job Transgenders Scream In Face of Dad Who Lost Custody of 9-Yr-Old Twins After Refusing to Acknowledge Their Transgender Pronouns [VIDEO]

 On Wednesday, March 2, an event held by the Young Conservatives of Texas at the University of North Texas was shut down by radical leftists who demonstrated incredible ignorance and immaturity by throwing temper tantrums, screaming expletives, and threatening the life of a conservative student organizer.

Jeffrey Younger had been invited to visit UNT to speak at an event, “Criminalize Child Transitions”, held by the university’s chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas. Younger is a father from Dallas who lost custody of his 9-year-old twins after refusing to acknowledge one of their transgender pronouns.

Younger claimed his child’s pediatrician planned to “put him on chemical castration drugs”, and accused their school district of actively teaching his child, who now goes by Luna, to be a girl. Younger also blamed the mother for pushing this transition and idea of transgendered identity onto their son.

Jeff Younger and his son, James

“When I took James to school in boys’ clothing, the teacher gave him a dress to wear,” Younger said. “The school doesn’t call James by his real name. They use a girl’s name. They actively teach James that he is really a girl. They even make James use the girl’s bathroom.”

Younger is now running for the Texas House of Representatives so he can work to outlaw sex reassignment surgeries for children, as well as prevent schools from enacting transgender transition without parental consent. 

When Younger arrived at UNT, he intended to give a talk about the role of transgender issues in public policy and culture. However, his presentation was quickly interrupted by a crowd of UNT students who began pounding on tables and screaming “F*** you, fascist!”

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo posted a thread on Twitter with the disturbing actions of these students from the event:


Ngo posted a video showing the crowd of protestors that had even gathered outside the building where the event was. In the video, YouTuber Alex Stein recorded a video of students screaming at him and holding signs reading “Shut the f**** up Jeff!”, “Go Home Deadbeat”, and other signs about trans rights.

What these people fail to recognize is that there’s a difference between wanting to extinguish transgender rights, and simply wanting kids to have to wait until adulthood before they can undergo a medical transition they may live to regret.


Journalist Ian Miles Cheong posted a longer video of the chaotic protesting going on inside the event. The footage shows the crazed leftist students holding up their middle fingers and yelling expletives at Younger.

One protestor drew the communist symbol (a hammer and sickle) on the whiteboard in the classroom and stood next to it with a raised fist. Another student stood up at the front and just… screamed. And they continued to just stand there and scream like a toddler throwing a fit.

It is absolutely ridiculous that there are “adults” like this living in America who think this is how you deal with someone you disagree with. This type of behavior should not be considered acceptable.

Watch the disturbing video below:


One of the organizers of this event, a student named Kelly Neidert, had to be rushed out by police for her own safety. On her way out, she captured a video of protesters screaming “F*** you, Kelly!” over and over again.

She tweeted this video, along with a caption that said she had received death threats prior to the event, and revealed there has been a petition for her expulsion with 17,000 signatures on it.

Neidert also wrote that after exiting the event, she was forced to hide in a janitor’s closet while Antifa searched for her.

“A week after getting death threats & getting 17k signatures on a petition to expel me, I had an event where I had to be rushed out of the building for my safety. Antifa cut me off and I was forced to hide in a janitor closet with the lights off while antifa searched for me.”

Liberals love to preach tolerance, but God forbid someone disagrees with even one of their beliefs… then you’ll have to hide for your life.

“I’ve received a lot of threats. I’ve never been scared until last night in that janitor’s closet. I think the officer did have the handle on his holster,” Neidert told National Review. “I didn’t know if I would make it out of there.”

Along with Neidert, Younger also was evacuated from the event by police.

Whack Job Transgenders Scream In Face of Dad Who Lost Custody of 9-Yr-Old Twins After Refusing to Acknowledge Their Transgender Pronouns [VIDEO] Whack Job Transgenders Scream In Face of Dad Who Lost Custody of 9-Yr-Old Twins After Refusing to Acknowledge Their Transgender Pronouns [VIDEO] Reviewed by Your Destination on March 06, 2022 Rating: 5

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