More MSM Lies About Trump: He Never Said “Putin Is A Genius”


“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” – Winston Churchill

That quote by Churchill and similar ones to it in history is something the media employs for political purposes on a daily basis – publish an untruth then retract it a month later when nobody’s looking, or better yet – don’t retract it at all.

The most recent misquoting of Donald Trump is that he said, “Putin is a genius.” Yes, that sounds bad! But is that what he actually said? No, it’s not. The quote “Putin is a genius” never passed Donald Trump’s lips. Still, in their politically driven dishonesty, the media will make sure as many voters as possible think it did. What Trump actually said was “this is genius,” referring to Russia recognizing zones of eastern Ukraine as independent, then moving in as “peacekeepers.” Trump was referring to the decision or tactic. 

We’ve all have done something, watched our kids do something, or just seen something clever and said something like, “wow, this is genius.” So it’s an expression you apply to something you find clever. When you say your friend “Janet is a genius,” that means you think Janet is above most people in intelligence and capable of many great things. When you see something great that Janet did and you say, “this is genius,” it means something quite different. Clearly, the media wanted the public to think Trump said: “Putin is a genius,” because that makes it worse. Putin is clearly in the wrong for attacking Ukraine, and Trump made that perfectly clear last week when he said the invasion was an “outrage and atrocity,” but nobody will hear this because, as Churchill famously said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” The truth is that evil people can do things that, even though terrible, could be construed as “genius.”

The media never misses an opportunity to misconstrue what Donald Trump says. Instead, we experienced four years of journalists loyal to the democrat party taking his words out of context, intentionally misquoting, and outright lying to damage Trump’s prospects in the 2020 election. Donald Trump made plenty of verbal blunders, but they weren’t bad enough for the media; they needed something worse, something that only a monster would say, so they created it. Trump has been out of office for over a year, and the typists for the democrat party are at it again, twisting Trump’s statements during the Ukraine conflict with Russia. 

Every mainstream news outlet shamelessly put out articles, looked into the camera, and lied about Trump, saying, “Nazis were fine people.” There is no transcript or video of him saying it, yet most mainstream media decided that truth would not help the democrat party win elections, so they lied with a zeal that would make Satan blush.

During Trump’s 2016 presidential run, the public was aghast at “Mexicans are rapists”! The quote splashed across the headlines, and it had to be true because all the outlets were angrily exposing Trump as a hateful bigot! Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, put the lie on steroids and proclaimed Trump said, “All Mexicans are rapists.” The problem is it wasn’t true at all. Trump specifically directed his words to illegal immigrants from Mexico bringing drugs, crime, and rape and said that some were good people. Trump did not generalize Mexicans as the media claimed, and he certainly did not indict “all Mexicans” as the liar and almost vice president Tim Kaine said. But, again, no transcripts exist anyplace on earth of Trump saying, “Mexicans are rapists” or “All Mexicans are rapists.”

“Trump calls immigrants animals”! But, again, all of the mainstream media pretended to lose their collective minds over Trump’s characterization of immigrants as scraggly four-legged beasts running around unchecked. The media left out that Trump was exclusively referring to MS 13 gang members as animals. I doubt very many Americans would disagree with Trump’s assessment of MS 13, but the media apparently has a soft spot in their heart for the illegal criminals.

Take a quote out of context, change one word, then create a fake, nasty headline that bears little semblance to reality, and you, too, can become a demon on the front page of a newspaper or website. The media turns political rivals into monsters with lies and distortions because it works, and people love a villain. And, since the media is overwhelmingly democrat, republican politicians and even citizens who don’t accept left-wing party talking points are often seized upon and made examples of as a warning to others to shut up.

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