Glenn Beck: These 3 ingredients for a social credit system are ALREADY HERE

 David Sacks, Founding COO of PayPal, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to reveal the three ingredients needed to implement a social credit system that are already well established in the United States.

Sacks also explained how his alma mater — PayPal — has already partnered with left-wing groups that blacklist Americans believed to have "extreme views" and how there are other financial institutions who are following suit.

"If you think it's bad to deny people the right to free speech and to participate in the online marketplace of ideas, how much worse is it to deny them access in the new economy, to the way that they can buy food and medicine and other products for their families ... it is really a very severe form of punishment and social control," Sacks began.

"Let's identify the elements, the ingredients of this toxic stew that already exist [in America.] First of all, you've got Big Tech companies like my alma mater, PayPal, that have been freezing accounts based on working with partisan political groups to shut people out of the financial system. That practice is already taking place," he said.

"Second, you've got state of emergency. In states like California where I live, the governor is still operating under a state of emergency. He has invoked emergency powers that never seem to end, even though we just had a Super Bowl where 30, 000 people were sitting elbow to elbow without any mask on, and yet we're still in a state of emergency.

"Third ... the Department of Homeland Security has now defined 'misinformation' about COVID or the election to be a contributor to the terrorist threat levels. In other words, misinformation in their view contributes to terrorism," Sacks continued. "So, we have now all the ingredients … politicians invoking fake state of emergencies. You've got big tech companies shutting people out through the political system, and you've got this very scary and dangerous redefinition of terrorism to effectively apply to domestic political descent."

The 3 INGREDIENTS for a social credit system are ALREADY

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