UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO! Biden LAUGHS During Tense Ukraine Briefing

 This was a critical moment for the Biden administration, and the words that come to mind are unbelievable, shocking, and disgusting. On Tuesday, Biden gave remarks on the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine and announced new sanctions. Yet, when taking questions from journalists on the invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Biden appeared to smile and laugh on two occasions.

Piers Morgan, 56, reacted with a scathing tweet earlier today lashing out at Joe Biden as he made his announcement about the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Morgan claimed to have seen Biden laugh “several times” during the televised White House address.

He wrote: “Biden just laughed several times during his Ukraine press conference.

What the f**k is he finding so funny?

Does he not realize the gravity of this situation? Does he not care that so many innocent people are being murdered? What a horribly inappropriate and shameful moment.”

Morgan tweeted again minutes later with an image showing Mr. Biden laughing while standing on a podium and sharing it with his 7.9 million Twitter followers.

“The smirking President of the United States, hours after Russia starts war in Ukraine. Unbelievable.”

Twitter user “McKay Chevrolet” tweeted: “Biden laughing in a time like this during a United States call to order while Ukraine is the topic and is being destroyed is pretty Disgusting.”

Watch Biden laughing when asked questions about Putin invading Ukraine!

After watching video after video of the massive destruction in Ukraine, several of which include the dead bodies of many innocent anything humorous at this incredibly devastating time in our world’s history.

Let’s hope Putin wasn’t watching Biden’s remarks because I’m guessing Putin would be the one laughing after watching Mr. Biden slurs his words and speak nonsense during this Russia and Ukraine update.

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