28-Year-Old Tampa Bay Rays Bullpen Catcher Jean Ramirez Dies “Unexpectedly”


The Tampa Bay Rays announced on Tuesday about the sudden and unexpected loss of 28-year-old bullpen catcher Jean Ramirez.

On their official Twitter account, the Tampa Bay Rays shared the tragic news with an image of Ramirez.

The Rays didn’t release any information on the nature of Ramirez’s death, which it said happened on Monday.

Kevin Cash, Tampa Bay Rays’ manager, expressed his condolences to Jean’s family and friends. He described Ramirez as an incredible teammate and friend.

“He brought so much passion and energy each day to our clubhouse and bullpen and his love for the Rays and baseball was evident to all who interacted with him. He had the biggest heart and most. infectious smile. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Jean will.be deeply missed.”

Erik Neander, President of Baseball Operations, also extended his condolences to Ramirez’s family and called his death an “unexpected and difficult loss.”

“Jean played in our organization and was most recently a bullpen catcher for our major league team. He was a caring teammate and friend. He exuded so much joy in all he did, and his kind heart was truly a gift to all. As we process this unexpected and difficult loss, we are grateful for the times we shared with Jean.”

At this time, no other information is available regarding the cause of his death.

With so many incidents involving young and healthy athletes collapsing and dying,  people on social media can’t help to conclude if it is a vaccine-related death. The Tampa Bay Rays publicly announced that they are in favor of the COVID vaccine. The team even encourages people to get vaccinated. On May 2021, the team had reached at least 85% of their Tier 1 players, coaches and close-contact staff were fully vaccinated according to a report from MLB

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