Huckabee: Biden Has Given ‘Most Americans a Lump of Coal’ for Christmas


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) sounded off on President Joe Biden’s first year in office on Friday.

Huckabee told FNC’s “Fox & Friends First” that Biden has given “most Americans a lump of coal” for Christmas. He argued with supply chain issues, inflation and the border crisis, Biden’s presidency “has been an abject failure.”

“Is President Biden possibly headed for a lump of coal on Christmas with broken promises?” host Griff Jenkins asked.

“Well, he certainly has given most Americans a lump of coal,” Huckabee replied. “I think if Biden were Santa Claus, people wouldn’t be leaving out cookies and milk. They would probably be leaving out some soured eggs and rotten things and say, ‘Here you go. You deserve it.’ The RNC put out a six-page memo outlining many of the broken promises of Joe Biden. The fact is about the only promise he has really kept this year. He has united America. He said he would do it. But unfortunately for him, he has united America to believe that his presidency has been an abject failure. And we have seen that on a number of things, and that’s what this memo that the RNC released really outlined — things like the border crisis. It’s a mess. It still is. It’s not gotten that much better. The supply chain. He said he would fix it. Half the stuff is still out on the Pacific Ocean waiting to come in. He talked about how he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone, but he is. And the inflation, the highest in 39 years, really is hitting working-class Americans right in the gut right here at Christmas time. It couldn’t be worse.”

“[Y]ou have a whole litany of things that he has been a part of, including saying he will shut down the virus,” he continued. “Well, now, we are back in that mode of he wants to lock everybody down and penalize them if they don’t have a forced, government-mandated vaccine. So, it’s been a rough year for Joe Biden. But, really, it’s been a rougher year for Americans.”

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