Trump’s New Book Does A Million In Sales In Just 24 Hours


Trump is releasing a new coffee table book and it’s already a huge success.

It has sold a million dollars in just 24 hours.

That’s an amazing number in the book business.

The Washington Examiner reports:

New Trump book does $1M in sales in first 24 hours 

Even for former President Donald Trump, the fast pace of sales of his first post-White House book has been impressive.

His new publisher, Winning Team, said that the sales of Our Journey Together crossed $1 million in the first 24 hours after Secrets revealed the new Trump project. They also said over 9,000 hardcover copies have been preordered.

Winning Team Publishing President Sergio Gor told us Sunday, “We have seen such an incredible response to President Donald Trump’s newest book. Selling a million dollars’ worth of books in 24 hours is just extraordinary.”

Gor, who formed the new publishing company with Donald Trump Jr., added that the sales were just off stories and a promotion by Trump. “These sales all occurred before we started promoting the work on radio or television,” he said.

The sales should have the New York publishing world kicking itself after vowing to ignore the Trump administration in a “cancel culture” effort to prohibit the former president and his team from publishing books.

Trump has begun to promote the project, described as a coffee table book of 300 photographs and the former president’s handwritten comments on each. It is due to be released Dec. 7.

Donald Trump Jr. just announced the new book recently.

The initial numbers are very impressive. 

It’s just one more thing to drive the left crazy.

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