Nolte: Rolling Stone, Atlantic Wonder Why Chris Cuomo Hasn’t Been Fired

 Chris Cuomo’s journalistic sins are now so embarrassing to the left-wing media even fake news outlets like Rolling Stone and the Atlantic are calling for his termination.

Well, there’s more to it than that, which I’ll get to in a second…

We’ll start with a left-wing troll site called Rolling Stone

“Chris Cuomo Caught Doing Something That Would Get Any Other Journalist Fired,” screams the headline at Rolling Stone, the same Rolling Stone that pushed the University of Virginia rape hoax:

CNN and Cuomo may have acknowledged that participating in meetings with his brother’s team was inappropriate, but using connections developed through his job as a political commentator to aid one of the nation’s most powerful politicians as he tries to navigate a sexual misconduct scandal represents another level of unethical behavior. It’s the type of below-board, conflict-of-interest dealing that would likely get anyone not named “Cuomo” fired, and which at the very least exacerbates to the public’s waning trust in ostensibly unbiased networks like CNN.

On to the far-left hoax-site the Atlantic

“Chris Cuomo Must Go,” reads the headline at the same fake publication that lied about then-President Trump denigrating the American military:

Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as governor of New York might have been a godsend for CNN. The network faced a nearly intractable conflict of interest: The governor was a major national figure, but his brother, Chris, was also one of CNN’s prime-time stars. Instead, the fallout from Andrew Cuomo’s departure has made Chris Cuomo’s position untenable. He should resign; if he doesn’t, CNN should sack him.

Something revealing about this is just how many ethical scandals Fredo had to pile up before his fellow leftists finally said enough…

  • He poses as an objective anchor while advising Governor Brother to smear his sexual assault accusers as liars.
  • He lies about never again advising his brother.
  • He refuses to wear a mask while he shames others for not wearing a mask.
  • Enjoys VIP coronavirus testing courtesy of his Governor Brother.
  • He violates quarantine while he knew he was infected with the China Flu.
  • He uses CNNLOL to stage a phony quarantine exit from his basement.
  • He lies about staying quarantined in his basement.
  • Does multiple on-air interviews with Brother Governor to turn him into a folk hero while Brother Governor was killing old people and reportedly groping state troopers.

After all that, why is this latest scandal the deal breaker?

Honestly, was Fredo getting caught running around New York while he knew he was infected with the coronavirus not enough for you? 

By comparison, this latest scandal seems pretty tame—the discovery Fredo was much more involved in Brother Governor’s crisis management after all those sexual misconduct scandals hit. Apparently, Fredo wasn’t only offering advice. It looks like he was out digging up dirt to discredit Brother Governor’s accusers.

Honestly, if you think about it, in the eyes of degenerate liars like Rolling Stone and the Atlantic, someone in the media protecting a Democrat politician is an everyday thing. So why are they so upset over this instance?

Well, this has zero to do with ethics and everything to do with 1) Andrew Cuomo is now damaged goods and no longer of any use to the left, and 2) Chris is damaged goods, and his ratings are cratering.

In other words, Chris can now be sacrificed without hurting the left-wing cause, which makes it cost-free to pose as ethical while penning op-eds against him.

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