“Little Evidence” That Masks Work, New Study Finds

 Masks mandates have been an essential part of the government’s plan to curb the spread of the coronavirus here and across the world.  As time goes on, it is becoming clear that all the measures the government has taken that have curbed our freedoms, from vaccine mandates, to social distancing, to mask mandates, have failed to stop the spread of Covid-19.  “Of 16 randomized controlled trials comparing mask effectiveness to controls with no masks, 14 failed to find a statistically significant benefit” according to analaysis by the Cato institute.


Reporters at the Epoch Times reached out to an assisant professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School who further clarified that “More than 100 years of attempts to prove that masks are beneficial has produced a large volume of mostly low-quality evidence that has generally failed to demonstrate their value in most settings,” Dr. Jonathan Darrow told The Epoch Times in an email.  The Biden administration has continually touted the effectiveness of masks in the face of evidence pointing to the contrary.  “It doesn’t matter who you voted for, where you stood before Election Day. It doesn’t matter your party or your point of view,” he said. “We can save tens of thousands of lives if everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months.” Biden said last November.

Congressional Democrats have directed the Capitol Police to arrest visitors and congressional aides at the Capitol if they are not wearing masks.  Despite mounting evidence that masks are ineffective, Democratic states across the country continue to push for mask mandates in schools.  Evidence has emerged that mask wearing harms young children.

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