Exclusive — Peter Navarro: New York Times Keeping Book ‘In Trump Time’ off the Best Seller List

 Former senior Trump aide Peter Navarro says the New York Times is keeping his book In Trump Time off the forthcoming nonfiction bestseller list, despite the fact he says that it trumps the vast majority of books on the list in terms of units sold. Speaking to Breitbart News Saturday, Navarro said it shows that the “newspaper of record” is nothing more than a “propaganda rag dedicated to promoting left-wing causes [and] lying about what exists in America.

Navarro, who served as director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP) and ran the Defense Production Act during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, recently released In Trump Time, which exposes the “Faucis” of the world. 

According to Book Scan sales data that Navarro provided to Breitbart News, Paul McCartney’s The Lyrics will be No. 1 with 36,954 units sold, followed by Immune with 38,525 units sold and The President and the Freedom Fighter with 28,587 sold.

Navarro said his book should be in third, as he said it has 33,314 sales, 90 percent of which he said were individual sales. Most of the sales, he added, were from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Even with the bulk sales taken away, Navarro said his book In Trump Time still trumps Kilmeade’s The President and the Freedom Fighter, which will sit third on the Times’ list.”

“The left wing Peril by Woodward — that propaganda thing I destroyed in In Trump Time,” Navarro began, sold 9,760 in the same period.

“I’m trampling these folks. In Trump Time is listed No. 3 on the USA Today list for a similar time period, No. 9 overall on Amazon, yet the New York Times somehow wants to cancel that,” Navarro said, explaining the implications are significant, because a book landing on the bestseller list sends a signal to a broader audience, including independent bookstores.

This serves as “just one more evidence that the New York Times is not a newspaper. It’s a propaganda rag dedicated to promoting left-wing causes [and] lying about what exists in America,” Navarro said, reemphasizing that, even if they took out bulk sales, In Trump Time would still be No. 3.

“It’s like, this is not about me. It’s not about the In Trump Time book per se. It’s about this much larger issue of how the New York Times systematically tries to cancel and effectively burn conservative books. To me, this is the modern equivalent of book burning, and it’s also a clear demonstration of the New York Times’ editorial policy to omit books from its bestseller list that run contrary to its partisan and liberal editorial policy, and the numbers say it all,” he said, adding that the establishment media is playing a role in pushing books that fit its desired left-wing narrative.

You have “big media conglomerates out there that clearly don’t push news. They push narratives,” he said, noting that the Kyle Rittenhouse analogy is another perfect example of how the media distorts the truth in pursuit of its desired narrative.

Navarro pointed to one specific example showing the difference in the narratives, noting that he detailed what happened in the Situation Room when he fought Dr. Anthony Fauci and former President Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney over Trump’s travel ban on China.

“But if you read the Woodward’s rendition, those were the guys who were alleged to have been encouraging Trump to do the real ban and the heroes,” he said.

“Two anonymous sources don’t equal a fact” he said of Woodward.

“What is the New York Times? It is the paper of record. How long should that persist? It shouldn’t persist at all,” Navarro added. “We need alternative sources of real news and Breitbart is certainly one of them.”

Overall, Navarro said the “mission of the book is to get Fauci fired and in jail, hold Communist China accountable for the weapon that they inflicted on the American people, and get to the bottom of what happened on both the November 3 and January 6.”

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