“The Merchant of Death” is Back: Nobel Prize becomes the Soros Prize


Alfred Nobel is spinning in his grave: After the Nobel Prize in Physics went to scientists claiming a direct link between human carbon dioxide emissions and global warming, the Nobel Prize in Literature went to an obscure Tanzanian writer named Abdulrazak Gurnah, whose main qualification seemed to be being a Muslim-African POC who criticizes colonialism (despite living in London instead of his native Zanzibar). The Nobel Committee once again bypassed more well-known candidates like Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Thomas Pynchon, Michel Houllebecq and Milan Kundera.

Today, the Nobel Peace Prize went to two activist journalists overtly funded by George Soros and the Open Society Foundation, Maria Ressa of Rappler (Philippines) and Dmitry Muratov of Novaya Gazeta (Russia).

Rappler is a Philippine website that frequently attacks conservative Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, and is funded by the Omidyar Network (2018: $1.5 million) and Soros-funded North Base Media, co-founded by Soros veteran Saša VučinićManila Times called Rappler “part of a network to advance US interests in the globe, under the guise of spreading democratic principles.”

Novaya Gazeta is an opposition Russian newspaper frequently critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Novaya Gazeta confirmed that it benefited from funding by charities established by the US billionaire philanthropist George Soros”, The Guardian writes.

In his lifetime, arms maker and Dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel was known as the “merchant of death”, and therefore resolved to use his fortune for charity. In funding the chaos and destruction that Soros stands for, the Nobel Foundation seems to have come full circle.

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