Unvaccinated Star Football Coach Is Hospitalized With COVID

 The star of Netflix’s Titletown High has come down with both COVID-19 and pneumonia, and it’s left him struggling to breathe.

Rush Propst, who served as a high school football coach in Georgia and Alabama, told a reporter with AL.com in a text message that his condition was “not good” and he was “too weak” to type. He is receiving oxygen, though is not on a ventilator.

Propst was admitted to the hospital Wednesday, according to the outlet, and is not vaccinated. He did try to remain cheerful about football, however, texting the creator of Titletown High that he wished all the players luck and how “it’s a [privilege] to compete in this [great] game of football.”

His wife Stefnie released a statement Thursday expressing her gratitude for those who wished him well.

“Over the last 13 years I’ve seen Rush become a better Christian, a better husband, and a better father to our children,” she wrote in a statement, shared by Titletown creator Jason Sciavicco on Twitter. “I am praying as hard as I ever have. Not being able to be by his side right now is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure in my life.”

Propst had been ousted from multiple high school football teams over numerous controversies, including from Valdosta High School, the school featured in Titletown.

The school fired Propst after an investigation by both Valdosta and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission accused him of participating in illegal recruiting and mishandling school funds.

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