MI Magistrate Confronted By Citizen Journalist For Setting $750 Bail For 40-Yr-Old Accused Child Rapist Who Immediately Went On Raping, Murder, Carjacking, Hostage-Taking Crime Spree

 On May 26, 40-year-old “habitual criminal” Isaiah Gardenhire was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl in Mason County, MI.

Shoreline Media reported on the arrest of Isaiah G. Gardenhire, who was arraigned on a felony count of criminal sexual conduct second degree (under 13 and defendant was at least 17) and a felony count of habitual offender supplemental warrant third conviction following a May 27 arrest by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. A $7,500, 10 percent bond was set. A probable cause hearing was scheduled for June 9.

Isaiah Gardenhire Facebook selfie

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Only 3 days before his trial, Mason County Magistrate Glenn Jackson basically gave him a get-out-of-jail-[almost]free card, setting his bond at $7,500 with a 10% requirement for his release. That means it only took $750 to set a violent habitual criminal accused of raping a minor free to go on a 45-hour violent crime spree in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area.

According to an anonymous source, Gardenhire’s first stop after he was released from jail was the Mason Co. home of his current wife, who is in the process of divorcing Gardenhire. Fortunately, the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Gardenhire, and her young daughter, were shopping when he came to their home. According to our witness, Gardenhire’s wife had contacted the authorities on several occasions, asking for help when the “habitual criminal” was seen lurking around her at her home.

She also posted this message on her Facebook page:

In another Facebook post, the frustrated wife blamed the Mason County magistrate for choosing a $7500 bail for Isaiah Gardenhire:

The next stop on his violent crime spree was his girlfriend Tiffany Buck’s Mt. Pleasant area home, where he stabbed her 13-year-old daughter to death, and sexually assaulted Tiffany, and stabbed her as well.

13-yr-old victim Adrie A. Dembowske

Gardenhire is pictured with his girlfriend, Tiffany Bucks Demboske.

Facebook photo.

The police inexplicably reported that Gardenhire, who had already stabbed a 13-year-old to death and sexually assaulted and stabbed her mother, was not a danger to the community.

Curiously, many of the publications which wrote about Gardenhire’s alleged killing of the teenager and sexual assault and stabbing of her mother never mentioned that he was a black male in their description of him.

Gardenhire was finally arrested on June 8, following an alleged 45-hour crime spree that police say involved robbery, carjacking, hostage-taking, and the sexual assault of a second woman.

Before the police arrived on the scene at Buck’s home, Gardenhire fled the scene and allegedly hid from police for hours in a vacant apartment.

MSN – Authorities allege he emerged several hours later and approached a man and woman.

Police allege he struck the man, and entered the couple’s apartment, holding them both hostage.

According to officials, Gardenhire then allegedly repeatedly sexually assaulted the female victim before stealing money from the couple and fleeing in their 2014 Ford Fusion.

“This is certainly a horrific tragedy and a completely senseless loss of life,” Isabella County Prosecutor David Barberi said.

Barberi is unsure of what led to that decision, considering Gardenhire’s criminal history. He said it’s the byproduct of a softer approach to criminal justice.

“This is the unfortunate consequence, the unintended consequence of no cash bail and bail reform,” Barberi said.

Adrie A. Dembowske’s obituary describes her as a ” happy-go-lucky and sweet girl.” Thanks to a broken justice system, Demoboske, whose 14th birthday was only days away, won’t be around to blow out her candles, as her life has been snuffed out by a violent man who was released from jail for a measly $750.

Ryan “Logik” Roberts, a conservative activist in the Mason County area, confronted Magistrate Glenn Jackson in his office.

Roberts asked him why the bond he set for a dangerous criminal was so low?

“Locking people up without giving them any chance of bond when they are presumed to be innocent isn’t fair,” the Mason County magistrate told Roberts. “The Constitution provides everyone the presumption of innocence, ” he told the conservative activist. “Knowing he had to go to court on the 9th, he shouldn’t have been given any bond,” Roberts told the magistrate.

Jackson said that history would show his decision to be “reasonable.” Roberts asked why he didn’t set a higher bond, and the magistrate told him that he couldn’t discuss the rationale behind his decision, saying he should talk to his lawmaker. Roberts told Jackson that they would be protesting in front of the courthouse until they get answers, telling Jackson, “Their blood is on your hands!”

Watch the incredible exchange:

Find Logik’s YouTube channel HERE.

Despite what Magistrate Jackson told Roberts, Gardenhire has an extensive criminal history:

2014 – firearm possession by a felon.

2004 – Home invasion 2nd degree.

2003 – forcible entry judgment and eviction.

2000 – Assault an Employee or criminal escape from jail (attempted)

2000 – Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (attempted felonious Assault)

On February 16, 2016, The Mason County Press reported the sentencing of Isaiah Gardenhire following his appeal where 3 of the 4 felony charges against him were dropped. In their headline, they refer to Gardenhire as a “habitual criminal.”

LUDINGTON — A 35-year-old Fountain man was sentenced to three to 20 years in prison in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday, Feb. 16, for convictions of weapons – possession by a felon and fourth-offense habitual offender.

Isaiah G. Gardenhire, 35, of 5114 N. Cleveland St., Fountain, was arrested last December by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office for felonies of receiving and concealing weapons/firearms; felony firearm (two counts); possession of weapons by a felon; and fourth-offense habitual offender. The three other charges were dismissed in a plea agreement.

Gardenhire, who received credit for three days served in jail, was ordered by Judge Susan Sniegowski to go directly into custody.

Ryan “Logik” Roberts has been protesting every day since he confronted Magistrate Jackson. Here’s one of his most recent videos showing the protest in front of the courthouse:

Support true patriots like Ryan “Logik” Roberts by sending him a message of support on his Facebook or YouTube channel or by showing up at one of his ongoing protests in front of the Mason County Courthouse.

MI Magistrate Confronted By Citizen Journalist For Setting $750 Bail For 40-Yr-Old Accused Child Rapist Who Immediately Went On Raping, Murder, Carjacking, Hostage-Taking Crime Spree MI Magistrate Confronted By Citizen Journalist For Setting $750 Bail For 40-Yr-Old Accused Child Rapist Who Immediately Went On Raping, Murder, Carjacking, Hostage-Taking Crime Spree Reviewed by Your Destination on June 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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