A Desperate Gavin Newsom Claims Cali Lockdowns 'Saved Lives' As He Is Grilled By McCain On The View (Cartoon)

 “Well, Governor,” Meghan McCain says as she begins the process for skewering the embattled California Democrat, “news outlets like the A.P. are pointing out that California and Florida have virtually identical case rates.” It doesn’t seem to add up that Florida and California both have a case rate of around 8,900 per 100,000 residents since the pandemic began, “even though California has strict rules and Florida has essentially been wide open,” says McCain.

“Florida also has a booming economy. A booming real estate market a much lower unemployment rate than California – [Florida’s] 4.8% compared to [California’s] 9% – I also have to point out that California has the lowest percentage of kids in school and the 7th worst mortality rate,” jabbed McCain.

At this point, the California Governor looks wilted and shocked that Megan was allowed to point out his failures. I’m sure he thought the view would be a safe space for Newsome to plead with the liberals currently sided with Republicans in the effort to recall him from office.

Meghan finally gets to the point after rubbing Gov. Newsome’s nose in the rug, asking, “I would much rather live in Florida than California right now, how do you explain that?”

“Well, well,” Gov. Newsome stutters as he points out that California’s “positivity rate is 3x less than Florida at the current moment.” He goes on to say that “Florida and California are very different in every way, shape, or form. In this respect, most importantly, the issue of density is profoundly significant as it relates to the disease spread; the disease burden.”

Gov. Newsome claims, “Particularly, the multigenerational households and density; just consider L.A. alone – its density is 7x times greater than that of Miami.” With just that fact, one would think he was right, but whose fault is it that L.A. has so many multigenerational households? Hint: It’s Gavin Newsome and the rest of his cronies in the Democrat controlling class that enact crazy building restrictions to the point that the housing demand creates a price too high for most families to afford.

Gov. Newsome attempts to deflect from his job in California by shifting the focus to the state that’s scooping up all the companies fleeing his harmful policies. Gavin said, “So, I’m not here to critique other states” and then immediately attacks Texas for relaxing all mandates and holding the city of Austin to the same standard as the rest of the state, saying, “save one, and that was Texas that notably, I think, made a terrible reckless mistake on setting down the gauntlet on removing masks and not implementing strategies to enforce.”

“I think what we’ve done is save lives,” Gov. Newsome says of his job during the pandemic. The stats, unfortunately, for him prove that he did not, in fact, save lives. Nothing he did helped stop anyone from dying. His policies proved the same effectiveness as a state with dramatically freer residents, and he famously didn’t follow his own pandemic restrictions.

A Desperate Gavin Newsom Claims Cali Lockdowns 'Saved Lives' As He Is Grilled By McCain On The View (Cartoon) A Desperate Gavin Newsom Claims Cali Lockdowns 'Saved Lives' As He Is Grilled By McCain On The View (Cartoon) Reviewed by Your Destination on March 18, 2021 Rating: 5

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