Sen. John Kennedy Scorches ‘Immeasurably Foolish’ Biden Orders, Will ‘Gut Louisiana Like a Fish’ (Cartoon)

 On Joe Biden’s first day in office he signed a total of 17 executive orders, many of which dealt with “climate change” and reversed a number of Trump administration policies.

One of the orders “temporarily” suspended oil and gas permits on federal lands and waters, which will almost immediately have a devastating effect on the economies of many states including New Mexico and Louisiana.

During an interview on ‘Fox News Primetime’ Trey Gowdy asked Louisiana Senator John Kennedy about Biden’s oil and gas executive order and its impact on his state and the country as a whole.

“Senator, you represent a state that is a tremendous energy producer. And you have neighbor states that are, also. What do you make of the climate change agenda of this new administration, and what impact is it going to have on workers in your state and throughout the country,” Gowdy asked.

That is when the Senator went after Biden hard, and he refused to pull any punches.

“Well, let me say a word about President Biden’s executive orders on oil and gas, Trey. They are immeasurably foolish,” Sen Kennedy said. “They are going to gut Louisiana like a fish. One third of my state’s GDP is related to oil and gas. And our state is not alone.”

“His war on oil and gas is going to hurt America. It’s going to destroy our energy independence. Here is President Biden’s new energy policy. We’re not going to produce our own oil. Instead, we are going to buy oil from countries that hate us so they will have more money to buy weapons to try to kill us. It’s immeasurably foolish.”

“Most Americans support and all of the above energy policy. Oil, gas, wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, hydrogen,” Kennedy added. “But they also understand that we can’t run the greatest economy in all of human history without oil and gas. Not now, and not probably for a long time.”

Sen. Kennedy then got snarky and really let Biden have it. “I don’t know about you, Trey, but my car doesn’t run off fairy dust. My car doesn’t run off unicorn urine. And I think once again, President Biden has given into the left-wing crazies, who say none of us except them care about the planet — that’s not true.”

“And who, when they break a shoelace, they blame it on climate change. You know, they’ve taken a specific, discrete, scientific problem. Is our climate changing? How is it changing? What do we do about it? And they’ve turned it into a religion. And President Biden appears to be sucking it up like a Hoover deluxe.”

Biden appears to be dead set on destroying as much of our energy sector as he can. And as Senator Kennedy pointed out it means sending American dollars to countries that hate us so they can buy more weapons to turn against us and our allies.

Makes no sense at all, but that is a trademark feature of most government policies and edicts that come from Democrats.

Keep your seatbelt on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next few years.

Sen. John Kennedy Scorches ‘Immeasurably Foolish’ Biden Orders, Will ‘Gut Louisiana Like a Fish’ (Cartoon) Sen. John Kennedy Scorches ‘Immeasurably Foolish’ Biden Orders, Will ‘Gut Louisiana Like a Fish’ (Cartoon) Reviewed by Your Destination on February 04, 2021 Rating: 5

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