Tucker Carlson Had A 'Must Watch' Monologue On The Biden Story With Email And Video Evidence

 Tucker Carlson has a history of destroying the liberal media. They promote stories that are not true or leave out the truth to fit their narrative that “President Trump is bad no matter what.”

Tucker’s monologue from last night – fair warning, it is 14 minutes long- tore down any liberal attempt to discredit the famous NY Post article alleging corruption from Hunter Biden and his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In his monologue, Tucker Carlson says that he wants to know the answer to a straightforward question: “Did Joe Biden subvert American foreign policy in order to enrich his family?”

Tucker Carlson says that in 2015, Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of America’s foreign policy in Ukraine.

America is one of the biggest superpowers on the planet. Putting former VP Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine’s foreign policy essentially made Biden the most influential person in the world in terms of the Ukrainian economy.

Hunter Biden knew his father would have the power, and he allegedly used that to cash in and make his family fortune.

Tucker Carlson said that not only did his show get access to the emails published by the NY Post, but his show received exclusive emails pointing to a slew of corruption within the Biden clan.

He said that his show had not had a chance to verify the hard drive physically, but the emails used Hunter’s personal email address at the time and that these emails passed his team’s authentication process.

Tucker Carlson:

“If these emails are fake, this is the most complex and sophisticated hoax in history. It almost seems beyond human capacity. The Biden campaign clearly believes these emails are real, they have not said otherwise. We sent the body of them to Hunter Biden’s attorney and never heard back.”

In an email in November 2015, a Burisma executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, emailed Hunter Biden and his business partner to ensure that everyone you would be “on the same page.” The same page meant that they wanted Hunter Biden to use the influence he wielded, as the son of the Vice President of the United States, to create instances where Bursima could garner “good P.R.”

According to Tucker, the executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, wanted “high ranking U.S. officials” to express their positive opinion of Bursima.

Pozharskyi wanted Hunter Biden and his business partner to orchestrate “a visit of a number of widely-recognized and influential current and/or former U.S. Policymakers to Ukraine in November, aiming to conduct meetings with and bring positive signals and message of support to Burisma.”

We know why they wanted Hunter to “close down any cases/pursuits against the head of Burisma in Ukraine,” for them, and Joe Biden admitted it to a group listening to him speak at the Council on Foreign Relations. In the famous video, former Vice President Biden boasts how he got the prosecutor responsible for investigating the Ukrainian company, that put Hunter “zero experience” Biden on the board of, fired or Joe Biden would withhold necessary aid to the poor country.

Former Vice President Biden:

“I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor, and they didn’t. So walking out of the press conference I said, ‘No, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars.’ They said, ‘You have no authority, you’re not the president.’ I said, ‘The president said it.’ I said, ‘Call him.’ I said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I’m going to be leaving here,’ and I think it was six hours — I looked at it, I said, ‘I’m leaving at six hours. If the prosecutor isn’t fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.”

Tucker Carlson:

“Viktor Shokin has signed an affidavit affirming that he was, in fact, investigating Burisma at the moment Joe Biden had him removed. Shokin said that before he was fired, the administration officials pressured him into dropping the case against Burisma, he would not do that so Joe Biden canned him. That’s how things really work in Washington. Your son has a lucrative consulting deal with a Ukrainian energy company, you tailor American foreign policy to help make him rich, our foreign policy.”

With Ukraine fighting off massive amounts of corruption within its small and poor country while also trying to fight off Russia at its border, why would Joe Biden care about prosecutors investigating companies tied to corrupt practices?

The emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop might be the answer. The emails repeatedly thank Hunter for introductions to his Vice President father and for helping to secure meetings with high-ranking U.S. officials.

The idea that corruption is rampant in countries like Ukraine is not new information.

Corruption from these types of countries is something we’ve come to expect. What Americans don’t expect is for the men/women we elect into the highest offices of our land would participate willingly in this corruption, and to a greater extent, orchestrate this corruption.

When George Kent, a State Department official, brought the “corruption” up the Obama administration chain of command under the worry that Hunter Biden’s board position “could create a perception of a conflict of interest,” he was brushed off.

George Kent said that the response was that the Biden family was dealing with Beau Biden’s terminal cancer, and “there was no further bandwidth to deal with family-related issues.”

Did Joe Biden forget that no matter what is going on in your personal life, your job as Vice President of the United States is not something you get to put on the back burner? The “normal man” has the luxury of putting work down and focusing on family, but someone who is one breath away from being the leader of the free world does not.

The clear conflict of interest is not a “family-related issue.” Joe Biden was in charge of America’s foreign policy that relates to China. His son, Hunter Biden, was acting as a middle man in a drug deal. He received millions for access to the product, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has refused to answer how he and his family became one of the wealthiest families in politics when Joe Biden has been a life long politician and his wife a teacher. Tucker says that Rudy Giuliani published another email from the famous Hunter Biden laptop, where Hunter is writing to one of his children explaining not to “worry about it.”

It is unclear what caused the child of Hunter Biden to be worried. It isn’t the child’s worry that has people asking questions. It is Hunter’s words used to soothe the child that is the most puzzling. Hunter writes to his child, “Don’t worry. Unlike your grandfather, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Does Joe Biden require Hunter Biden to give him half of his “alleged” ill-gotten gains?

The limited availability of the laptop’s content, thanks to the censorship of “big tech” and the FBI’s inability to seemingly do any part of its job if it involves Democrats, means we will likely be receiving even more information about the Biden family’s dealings with Ukraine and China slowly.

If the FBI sitting on Hunter’s laptop for over a year still isn’t enough proof for President Trump to fire FBI Director Wray, what will be?

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