Orange County Mayor and Husband of Possible Dem VP Candidate “We Don’t Want Republican Convention”

Mayor of Orange County Jerry Demings, the husband of potential Biden VP pick and Congresswoman Val Demings, has announced that he will not host the Republican National Convention in the county unless President Trump prepays hundreds of millions of dollars beforehand.
He commented during a meeting that the county would need to recoup 100% of the costs of the convention and in private conversations said that Trump’s campaign would need to make a “sizeable” down payment, “somewhere in the ball park of $150-200million.”
Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings doesn't sound very interested in hosting the Republican National Convention this summer. Demings, who controls the county's enormous convention center, says he'd only consider it if he knew the county was going to recoup 100% of its costs.
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Orange County owns the convention center, which could be a potential site for the RNC, among other sites across Central and South Florida.
Governor Ron DeSantis has said several times over the past week that Florida would gladly host either the Democrat or Republican National Convention, citing the benefits of the vast economic impact that would be obtained through said events.
Political conventions like the RNC or DNC can provide hundreds of millions of dollars to local economies, which can be vital during normal circumstances and especially crucial when a pandemic has crippled America’s economy.
Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, who represents the area neighboring Orange County in Central Florida, says that he would welcome President Trump and the RNC if they needed a backup plan after far-left North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced that the RNC and President Trump were “not welcome” to host the already planned convention in NC.
“Central Florida would be extremely lucky to host the RNC. The economic impact of such an event would be massive and it’s shortsighted for Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings  to deny his constituents the right to earn a living and put food on the table in this time of crisis.”
Demings’ wife is being considered as a candidate for Vice President for Joe Biden on the Democratic line, which presents a massive conflict of interest for Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, who stands to benefit greatly from slighting Trump’s convention in an act of defiance in order to motivate Democrat voters to support his wife.

His wife is a known carrier of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and she gave several cringeworthy performances during the sham impeachment trial, including a speech where she repeatedly mispronounced the word “document” as “dockamint”.
This GP reporter is currently working to verify how many people of color Val Demings locked up as Orlando Police Chief, a job which her husband got her while he was a top level law enforcement officer and political appointee in Orange County. Sources have said that brutality complaints and arrests of people of color on non-violent crimes during her term was “staggering”.

Joel Hawsley, the Executive Director of the Orange County Republican Party, said that his price tag and demands are paramount to extortion.
“The opportunity to host the RNC convention wouldn’t only stimulate our depressed economy, it would also show how much Mayor Demings cares for the citizens of Orange County over his own political ideology. Especially with his wife in consideration for a job that she is strikingly unqualified for. He would rather raise taxes and restrict our economy in favor of his wife becoming Vice President.”
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