Canadian Guy Is Growing Superhot Peppers Using Radio Controlled Equipment And The Whole Process Is A Rare Sight (27 Pics)

Chad from Northern Canada has always liked growing plants, but recently he decided to step it up a notch. Last year, Chad started experimenting with super-hot peppers. And he instantly got addicted.
“Anyone that’s in this hobby will tell you that once you start growing them, you can’t get enough plants and you end up with way more than you intended to,” the man told . “I now grow peppers year-round in a grow tent in the basement.”
“When you keep them alive instead of letting them die after one harvest, their production doubles or triples,” Chad explained.
Chad soon realized he wanted to spend more time with the peppers, so he developed a new approach — one that perfectly illustrates his creative soul, too. He started using remote control equipment to maintain his pepper farm.
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“The fleet so far. I’m still waiting on another dump truck and I have a bruder D11 bulldozer on the way!”

“The main uses for the peppers are making fermented hot sauces, hot salsas, hot jellies, hot dill pickles, hot pickled garlic, candied jalapenos, etc. I will be showing step by step how I make all this stuff on my YouTube channel as well,” Chad said.
The peppers that he grows get dehydrated and ground when they’re harvested. This allows the man to add an exact amount of heat to his jellies or whatever he’s making. “2 peppers that are different sizes will likely add different amounts of heat from batch to batch. If I know my recipe calls for 2tsp of ghost powder, it’s more likely to mimic the same results every time,” Chad explained.

“I built a 12×20 greenhouse with a 8×17 raised garden inside”

“I grow peppers year-round in my basement. I have 10 tomato plants too for making salsa this fall!”

He has always been a creative person. For example, during the past 6 to 7 years, he has been creating animated Christmas light displays. Of course, caring for peppers with R/C machinery is an entirely different game but he’s up for the challenge.
“I started growing my garlic early this year in the hopes that it’ll be ready for harvest before the peppers. Not only do I hope to be able to harvest using the R/C equipment, but it would also be nice that if all the different stuff will be ready to harvest at different times, as I’m expecting it to be a slow process,” Chad said. “Imagine digging up 50-60 garlic plants using an excavator!”

“Had to build roads to get around”

“Digging holes for the pepper plants!”

“Living in far Northern Canada, I realized that I’d need to grow in a greenhouse as superhots can take a long time to ripen and a greenhouse can extend your growing season a couple weeks, so that’s when I decided to build a raised garden in a greenhouse. Even though it serves the plants in there growing, it is also the perfect area for someone using R/Cs to mess around with.”

“Digging a trench for my garlic!”

“More pepper holes!”

“Loading bone meal and time-release nutrients for the peppers!”

So far, Chad couldn’t find another R/C farm and hence his project is really unique. “I searched YouTube for anything similar that’s been done like this and didn’t really find anything so that was encouraging. In today’s world, it’s difficult to be the first person to do anything as everything seems to move so fast.” Even though his channel has only been up for a couple of days, Chad considers the engagement to be ‘encouraging’ and said the feedback has been really positive.

“Feed the peppers!”

“The automatic vents work great!”

“Loading peppers in the yard!”

“Filming for my YouTube channel!”

“Butchering peppers before dehydrating them for powder!”

“My pepper tent!”

“Every worksite needs an outhouse!”

“Pepper grizzly bars to separate soil during harvest!”

“My YouTube logo!”

Watch the equipment in action in the first episode of RC Peppers

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