Vehicles Line-Up To Support MI Family Opening Their Drive-In Theater In Defiance Of Gov. Whitmer’s Shutdown Order [VIDEO]

Spring has sprung, and Michiganders who were okay with staying home to help “flatten the curve” are becoming increasingly frustrated by the repeated extension of shutdown orders by Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer that prevents them from safely finding ways to spend quality time with friends and family. Whitmer has received national criticism for her executive orders that included the irrational shut down of outdoor recreation, like golf, and outdoor businesses like landscapers.
In response to criticism of shutting down golf courses, Governor Gretchen Whitmer slammed her critics, saying golf is not essential, suggesting that anyone complaining about not being able to golf is selfish because by golfing, they would be putting workers at golf course’s in danger. The order has since been lifted, and while the use of golf carts is still prohibited, golfers have been doing their part to help local courses from economic ruin by paying online and walking the courses while keeping a safe social distance from other golfers. Whitmer’s sidekick, the equally far-left AG Dana Nessel, tweeted about how “white folks” have no business complaining about not being able to golf when black people were dying of COVID-19.
Whitmer’s irrational shut down order also applies to outdoor drive-in theaters.

The Magoc family, who have owned the Capri Drive-In Theater in Coldwater, MI for 56 years. In danger of losing their business, they made the decision to violate Governor Whitmer’s ridiculous executive order and open their theater to the public on Friday, May 15.
The Capri Drive-In Theater’s opening night was a huge success…
Cars were lined up for an estimated quarter mile or more to get into the Capri Drive-in Theater Friday, May 15, when it opened in defiance of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.
Battle Creek resident Ashley Rathbun was among those that ventured out to catch a movie.“We’ve been cooped up in the house for the last couple months,’’ she said. “We heard the drive-in was going to be opening and we said that’s a nice way to get out and spend some family time.”
MLive photo.
While Tom Magocs, who co-owns the theater with his wife, Susan, was getting ready for the first movie screenings of the year, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was answering a question about the Coldwater-area business and others defying her executive orders to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
“I think the vast majority of people in our state get it and they’re doing the right things,” Whitmer said during her COVID-19 press conference in Lansing. “For those who aren’t, you know, we take this serious. This is not a suggestion. These are not thoughts about how you can protect yourself. This is the force of law. And we expect to people to follow the law.”
The family drive-in theater is in a category of businesses that the governor’s office says is temporarily prohibited as part of an executive order. Whitmer’s order to shelter in place and all non-essential businesses be shuttered isn’t set to expire until May 28.
Magocs, 61, said he knows opening comes with risk, including being shut down, but staying closed presents a different, financial risk. The drive-in is his family’s only source of income, but it brought in no profit this year until Friday night.
A Michigan State Police officer speaks with resident Chris Boger after she made a complaint to the police outside of Capri Drive-in theater.
 Photo- MLive
Chris Boger, who identifies as a transgender, complained about the reopening of the drive-n theater to the State Police. Boger is also the founder of Branch County Gay Pride, a group that’s planning the Branch County Gay Pride Festival on June 28th. There is no indication on the website associated with the event that takes place in six weeks, that the event will be canceled over fears of spreading coronavirus.
Apparently, families and friends who attend drive-in theaters are more dangerous than people who attend gay pride festivals.

Vehicles Line-Up To Support MI Family Opening Their Drive-In Theater In Defiance Of Gov. Whitmer’s Shutdown Order [VIDEO] Vehicles Line-Up To Support MI Family Opening Their Drive-In Theater In Defiance Of Gov. Whitmer’s Shutdown Order [VIDEO] Reviewed by Your Destination on May 18, 2020 Rating: 5

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