'McShambles' - Uber Eats delivery driver hits out at McDonald's for reopening stores

A delivery driver has hit out at McDonald's for reopening stores for delivery, calling it a "McShambles."
The Uber Eats worker was one of 25 delivery drivers collecting from the fast food chain's Tooting branch this morning.
He said he was shocked to see his fellow drivers huddled together at the entrance and some not wearing masks as they waited for their order numbers to be called.
According to the worker, about 25 drivers were taking almost 50 orders for takeaways within half an hour of its 11am opening.
"They allowed 43 orders to come in at 11am and they were only allowing five drivers to come in at a time," he said.
Staff kept order outside branches [Welling, Bexley, Kent branch pictured]
"The drivers were all bunched outside, it was chaotic, a danger for everyone involved.
"They hadn't even got security there, it was a joke.
"At the start they were letting drivers come into the store without masks.
"Because we are self-employed I don't think they view us as proper people.....we're 
not employees so no-one needs to care about us.
"They let five drivers into the store but they'll also run to the door with deliveries."
He added that he felt the sanitising system in place was all but useless - as drivers 
were made to sanitise their bags with antibacterial spray but not their gloves or hands.
"It was all just for show," he went on.
Delivery drivers waiting for their number to be called [Welling, Bexley, Kent, branch pictured]
And he said he felt that McDonald's had no pressing commercial need to reopen so 
should remain shut.
"I think the only places that should be able to open are the independent places," he added.
"I don't think the corporate places need to open, they have plenty of money there, 
they don't need to do that.
"The independent places you only get two people there and it's run by two people, 
in McDonald's there were about ten people in the kitchens at the back all stuck together 
as well.
"It's a recipe for death.
McDonald’s spokesperson told Mirror Money: “We have worked closely with our McDelivery 
partners to put clear guidance and procedures in place for couriers when picking up
 McDelivery orders from our restaurants.
“When entering the restaurant, hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment is provided, and
 we have worked with our McDelivery partners to ensure clear guidance around hand 
hygiene and bag cleanliness has been emphasised.
"When collecting an order, couriers have a designated space in the dining area with clear 
er’ table for order pick-ups.”
Uber Eats spokeswoman said: “The safety of everyone who uses the Uber Eats app is a
 top priority.
"We regularly remind couriers to keep a safe 2m distance from others when picking up from
 restaurants and when waiting outside, and have worked closely with McDonalds on the first
 phase of reopenings.
"Additionally we have distributed 1 million masks to drivers and couriers as well as hand 
sanitizers to couriers in the UK.” 
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