Donald Trump Jr. fires back at Howard Stern: 'That’s total bulls**t!'

Donald Trump Jr. fired off some insults aimed at talk radio shock jock icon Howard Stern after he excoriated the fans and supporters of his father, President Donald Trump.


The president's son bashed Stern's comments on SiriusXM while being interviewed on the "Jim and Sam Show," also on SiriusXM.
"That's total bulls**t!" Trump Jr. replied.
Stern had claimed that the Donald Trump he knew would have despised the kind of people who adore him now as president. He cited as evidence the kind of people that are allowed into the president's Mar-a-Lago resort.
"The reality is this: My dad was able to do what he did when he won this election by being able to relate to those guys, the blue-collar worker that Donald Trump spent his entire career with," continued Trump Jr.
"Donald Trump was a better developer and built a brand because he spent time talking to those guys. There's a reason why you see guys within our company, even today, they started off as construction guys, started off as drivers, and they're like executives because he gave them a chance," he added.

He went on to say that Stern was acting like Hillary Clinton when she referred to Trump's supporters as "deplorables."
"I don't know if he just got a taste of Hollywood when he went on, you know, the T.V. show," Trump Jr. concluded, "and, all of the sudden, the establishment's sort of politically correct people that he used to hate, now he really wants to be loved by them."

'Such a neutered shell of his former self'

He reiterated his point with a tweet on social media later.
"Hollywood Howard is such a neutered shell of his former self that he's now attacking blue collar Trump supporters, in a desperate attempt to be relevant again. Stern from 20 yrs ago would be embarrassed by today's PC version," Trump Jr. added.
Stern has said he's "all in" for Biden and admitted that he wanted Hillary Clinton to win in 2016, despite giving his former friend Trump access to his enormous audience during the campaign.

Here's more about Stern's anti-Trump comments:

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