Cartoon Shows What Democrats Can Expect in 2020, to Get Crushed by a Trump Landslide

The last three years has seen Democrats throwing everything they can at President Trump, hoping to derail or destroy him.
Yet after each failed attempt to take him down, Trump has grown stronger, bolder and more confident.
Now with a booming economy, a surging stock market, new trade deals with Mexico, Canada and even China, Democrats seem to be in a bit of a panic.
To make matters worse their top 2020 candidates are Slow Joe, Fauxahauntus, Mayor Pete and Crazy Socialist Bernie Sanders.
The hilarious, and we think accurate cartoon below shows exactly what Democrats can expect to see next year:
Does that seem about right to you? 
Post Impeachment Poll Shows Trump Defeating Every Democrat Rival By Large Margins
President Donald Trump warned them, but the Democrats, hellbent on undoing the 2020 presidential election, did not listen.
He warned them that impeachment was going to be a suicide march for them heading into 2020 and another new poll shows he was correct.
The most recent  YouGov/Economist poll on “electability” shows President Trump running away with the 2020 election.
The poll showed that 47 percent of respondents believe that former Vice President Joe Biden would “probably lose to Donald Trump” with only 40 percent saying Biden would win.
In the poll the president also led Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren by margins of 57 percent to 31 percent and 57 percent to 27 percent respectively.
Against Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the margin was a whopping 59 percent to 18 percent.
President Trump is not merely defeating his Democrat opponents at this point, he is trouncing them, and it is their own fault.
“At the moment, registered voters don’t think any of the Democratic forerunners will defeat the president next November. Biden comes closest: 40% of registered voters think he will win, while 46% believe the president will be re-elected if Biden is the nominee.,” the poll said.
“Among Democrats, only Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have a majority that believes they can win,” it said.
The other cause for concern for the Democrats is that people are not as gullible as they would like, and they see what is happening in America since the president was elected.
“It may not be just worry about candidate electability and impeachment jitters that drive Democratic concern.
“The strong economy is helping the president. Although his approval rating remains low (40% in this week’s poll), his approval rating for handling the economy is at 50%, his second-best rating ever on that issue,” the poll said.
“One in three Americans believes the economy is getting better, while 26% believe it is getting worse — another positive evaluation.
“And when asked whether they personally are better off than they were four years ago, more say they are than say they are not,” it said.
This poll comes days after a USA Today poll found that President Trump is leading all of his top tier Democrat rivals.
He may not be the conventional politician in the way he speaks but what he is, is a fantastic president who has delivered results.
The American voters are not blind, and they are not sheep that believe ridiculous propaganda.
They see the sham impeachment for what it is, an attack on a duly elected president who did not do anything against the law and on Election Day 2020 their voices are going to be heard, louder than before.
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